Sure, Michele. I'll just send it to the shared stylesheet space on the EAD Help pages:

The shared stylesheet area, btw folks, appears sorely underused, with Michael and Michele as the only contributors! I encourage everyone to think about sharing your stylesheets there if you are able. Otherwise we're all just reinventing the wheel.


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Hi Joyce Ė

This is something Iíve been wanting to do for our finding aids for quite a while, but I just havenít had the time to rework our style sheets.† Would you be willing to share yours?† Thanks!


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Subject: Revisiting <dsc> output in table format

<snip> I deal with this by outputting the tabular data of the <dsc> in a table with only two columns (and since it IS tabular data, 1-2 container columns and 1 content column are supposedly ok), and controlling indentation of embedded components in the content column with CSS </snip>

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