Dear MODS and MADS implementers,

The MODS Editorial Committee has released a set of "Design Principles for Enhancements to MODS and MADS" intended to provide high-level guidance for the development of these schemas in to the future. You can find these online at <>, as well as linked to from the MODS home page. The Design Principles outline high-level goals and examples of how the structure of the two schemas achieve those goals.

We intend the Design Principles to be a living document - growing and changing over time in response to changes in technology, community needs, and other factors. We welcome your comment on both the goals and how best to achieve them.

Jenn Riley
Chair, MODS Editorial Committee

Jenn Riley
Metadata Librarian
Digital Library Program
Indiana University - Bloomington
Wells Library W501
(812) 856-5759

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