I think the definition of  "conference" and "symposium" is not germane
to the question. 
LC's list of ambiguous headings makes a distinction between events with
formal names (111) and events without formal names (150). The
Lincoln-Douglas Debates were named after the fact and, therefore, did
not have a formal name at their conception. That's why LC choose to make
them a 150. LC could, of course, be petitioned to change their minds,
based on a sense of formality to the name now. However, the question is
ambiguous (which is why those types of events are on the ambiguous names
list) and LC came down on one side of the ambiguity. Changing it to the
other side of the ambiguity would, in my opinion, be waste of everyone's
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I*d be curious to know what you perceive as *un-conference or
*symposium-like* about them. I*m just curious about this. What is
that definition of a conference or symposium? We do also use 111*s for
expeditions, I think. 
Ted Gemberling
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Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] Lincoln-Douglas debates

All 7 of the Lincoln-Douglas debates occurred between August and
October in 1858*Ottawa, Ill., Aug. 21, 1858; Freeport, Ill, Aug. 27,
1858; Jonesboro, Ill, Sept. 15, 1858; Charleston, Ill., Sept. 18, 1858;
Galesburg, Ill., Oct. 7, 1858; Quincy, Ill., on Oct. 13, 1858; and
Alton, Ill., on Oct. 15, 1858.   While there was more than one debate,
and thus I can see why someone would think they were *recurring*, in
toto these debates constituted a one-time only event between two
individuals (Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas) leading up to a
specific election to the U.S. Senate.  The debates do not seem to me to
meet the definition of a conference or a symposium, and the subject
heading is perfectly valid, so I would go ahead and use it*we certainly
have. ;-)
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