Good morning, Tony,

I hope all is well with you.
Who is my Concord NACO contact?  I think it is Paul Frank, and I will CC him in this email,  If he isn't can you forward this to the appropriate person?
As you know I am also a cataloger at MIT.  We are going to be a NACO library soon (yippie).  Until then, I have a question.
Here at MIT, I am working with the Database Manager to clean-up our local database.  We sent our entire database to LTI.  It came back with several (ca. 12-15) authority records that were problems.  Most of them were 4xx headings conflicting with 1xx headings.  I will cut and past one to show you. 
My question is:  Should I report them to you, my NACO contact (in the form of cutting and pasting said records as I did below?), [log in to unmask], or  ?  If I had the pieces in front of me, I could fix these records, but unfortunately, I do not have that luxury.
Thank you, and enjoy the long weekend.  Have you plans? Ugggh, Lot of patrol duty for me this weekend.  Oh well, "low man of the totem pole" thing.  At least John and I went to the Adirondacks last weekend for a lovely four-day vacationette.  Hope to see you in Boston.  Ana, Williamson and Mitchell are working on hotels so I'll probably be staying with them at least part of the time.  I live ca. 70 miles west, so it's not always convenient to pahty until midnight, dirve home and have to be at a CC:DA meeting the following morning at 0800 ... LOL!
I was just talking to the Database Manager (Beth Brennan) about my NACO training ... and freaked out ... OMIGAWD:  I was down there in April 1995 and trained with Joe K., Jerry Wager and Dave Reser!
Enjoy.  Please say hi to all. 



The second 410 ...

ARN: 6032628

 010  nr2003009634
040  CSmH ǂb eng ǂc CSmH
1102 Lockwood and Co.
4102 Lockwood & Co.
4102 Crosby Lockwood & Co.
670  Grant, A.H. The literature and curiosities of dreams, 1869: ǂb t.p. (Lockwood and Co., 7 Stationers'-Hall Court, [London])
670  Brown, P.A.H. London publishers and printers, c. 1800-1870, 1982: ǂb p. 116 (Lockwood (Crosby) & Co., 7 Stationers Hall Ct., active 1859-1887)
670  OCLC, March 17, 2003 ǂb (usage: Lockwood and Co.)

 ... conflicts with this 110:
ARN: 3721807

010  no 94030760
040  OrU ǂb eng ǂc OrU ǂd CSmH ǂd OCoLC
1102 Crosby Lockwood & Co.
4102 Crosby Lockwood and Co.
5102 Crosby Lockwood and Son ǂw b
670  The rudiments of masonry ... 1878: ǂb t.p. (Crosby Lockwood & Co.)
670  RLIN, 9/7/94 ǂb (hdgs.: Crosby Lockwood & Co.; Crosby Lockwood and Co.; usages: Crosby Lockwood & Co.; Crosby Lockwood and Co.)
670  OCLC, 10/6/94 ǂb (hdg.: Crosby Lockwood & Co. (London, England); usage: Crosby Lockwood & Co.)
670  Davidson, E.A. A practical manual of house-painting, graining, marbling and sign-writing, 1888: ǂb t.p. (London: Crosby Lockwood and Son, 7, Stationers' Hall Court, Ludgate Hill)

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