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> For a long time, I had dreams of a classic 45-singles
> jukebox, but then when I started shopping for a
> well-restored one, it turned out they mostly sound like crap
> due to both mid-grade to low-grade phono pickups and also
> the fact that most singles sound like crap from Play One.

Some of the best-sounding jukeboxes made were the AMI F and G
series from 1954-1956.  They had GE VR-II pickups (or similar
GE models) and separate bass and treble horns that give
really great sound.  Probably some of the best sounding
jukeboxes ever.  They're still fairly reasonably priced
because they are rather boxy looking compared to the
"Jetsons" styling that came later.  The G-200 has a bass
speaker that runs the length of the cabinet to bounce
off the floor.  The F and G 80 and 120 have folded bass
horns under the record changer that also bounce off
the floor.  A treble horn sits on top.

Here's a picture of my AMI G-200 in my workshop:

And here's a picture of a G-120 I restored for a friend: