At 04:45 PM 2009-10-08, Tom Fine wrote:
>My own real-world experience with reel-to-reel tapes is that tracks 
>ingested in reverse and then digitally reversed do not sound the 
>same as tracks played straight.

There are many factors that may cause this, but a key one is that the 
polarity also needs to be reversed. It's like the time I mounted a 
head upside down--the colour codes were backwards.

>It's not the digital realm, its the way the reel electronics handle 
>transients and phase

There appears to be waveform differences between playback in the two 
directions after accounting for the polarity flip. To my ears, this 
is an acceptable tradeoff for copying oral history tapes in half the 
time. This is especially true of mid-to-low-fi recordings such as 
some 3.75 and most 1.88 in/s reels.



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