I think I recall that someone on this list mentioned recently that 
Greenwood Press no longer publishes discographies.  Does anyone know why 
their "Bio-Bibliographies in Music" Series that began in 1984, stopped in 2005?

      Our local UW Oshkosh Polk Library has ten of these books, and I 
recently checked out the ones for Lukas Foss and Otto Luening, the only 
names I am familiar with who lived in Wisconsin at one time in their 
lives.  These books got me curious about what other composers were in the 
Series also from Wisconsin.  Google searching found a volume "Number 99", 
but the Greenwood Press page,

only lists 92 titles.  Many searches later, I found all 99 of them, and it 
took even more searching to identify the actual Series Number assigned to 
every book, unfortunately, there are no others from Wisconsin.  I had hoped 
I would find a complete list of the entire Series somewhere on-line in one 
place, but if it exists, I couldn't find it ... so I created one.  Several 
books in the Series have won ARSC awards, so I thought I would notify the 
list about this new page.  Full bibliographical details for each title are 
listed in Author Order with cross-reference lists in Composer Order and 
Series Number Order.  I hope someone finds it useful.
    FolkLib Index - Bio-Bibliographies in Music, Greenwood Press

All Greenwood Music Series titles listed on the ARSC site, also noted on 
the above page:

Best Research in Recorded Rock, Rhythm & Blues, or Soul 1999
    1. Elvis Costello: A Bio-Bibliography (finalist)

Best Research in Recorded General Popular Music 2000
    2. Phil Ochs: A Bio-Bibliography (finalist)

Best Research in Recorded General Popular Music 2001
    3. Paul Simon: A Bio-Bibliography (finalist)

Best Research in Recorded Classical Music 2002
    4. Witold Lutoslawski: A Bio-Bibliography (Best Discography)
    5. Pietro Mascagni: A Bio-Bibliography (Certificate of Merit)

Best Research in Recorded Classical Music 2003
    6. George Crumb: a Bio-Bibliography

Best Research in Recorded Classical Music 2005
    7. Leroy Anderson: A Bio-Bibliography (Best Discography)
       (the publisher is noted as Praeger, not Greenwood, why?)
    8. Alan Rawsthorne: A Bio-Bibliography (finalist)

      For some reason, 1991-1998 Finalists are not listed on the ARSC 
site.  Of all the Greenwood books published 1990-2005 eligible for an ARSC 
Award, 8 are listed by ARSC, and 68 are not.  I wonder if all 68 were 
actually considered, but just didn't make the final cut.

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