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>I had hoped I would find a complete list of the entire Series 
>somewhere on-line in one place, but if it exists, I couldn't find it 
>... so I created one.  Several books in the Series have won ARSC 
>awards, so I thought I would notify the list about this new 
>page.  Full bibliographical details for each title are listed in 
>Author Order with cross-reference lists in Composer Order and Series 
>Number Order.  I hope someone finds it useful.
>    FolkLib Index - Bio-Bibliographies in Music, Greenwood Press

Hello, Doug,

Thanks for doing this. Just to confuse matters, there is also from 
Greenwood Press a series entitled "Bio-Bibliographies in the 
Performing Arts". I have not researched them other than to own the following:

Fuss, Charles J.  Joan Baez: A Bio-Bibliography
      Bio-Bibliographies in the Performing Arts, Number 70, 1996, 252 p.
      ISBN:  0-313-28463-6, LC:  96-18128

An un-numbered endpaper lists 71 titles in the series.

I realize this is a different sub-series, but is still part of the 
overall Bio-Bibliography series, I believe. The Performing Arts 
series are about actors as well as musicians.

It is my understanding that Mr. Fuss had also prepared one on Judy 
Collins, but Greenwood chose not to publish it.



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