From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


it may be my lack of knowledge of American English, but to me the word 
"trivia" seems to indicate something that is not really very interesting to 
anybody. It looks apologetic. I would prefer to use the word "minutiae", 
because we are told about details, essential details. The machines might jam, 
dammit! Obviously, these details might not interest all list readers, but the 
list is wide in its interests. And everybody still knows what a jukebox is.

There might be YouTube films out there showing some of the things we have 
been reading about--I have not checked.

Anyway, the subject line shows that we really ought to concentrate on LP 
jukeboxes, whether of the background music variety or "real LP albums", or 
even "extended EP using 33 1/3".

Kind regards,