Hi RA:

I would say the most important thing to consider is the ability to monitor things properly. If 
you're using headphones, then make sure the ergonomics work with the headphone cable and an 
operating phonograph. If you're using speakers: 1) make sure the speakers are set up so you can hear 
things clearly and the speakers are capable of meeting their performance specs as far as frequency 
response and flatness -- in other words make sure you can hear both when it's right and when it's 
wrong. 2) make sure the speakers can be set up in a way where you don't get acoustic feedback into 
the turntable at reasonable listening levels. Test with a variety of content. Room "treatments" can 
be as simple as a few spare cubical panels or a thick rug hung on the wall or placed on the floor.

As far as upgrades, the two that I would do ASAP would be getting a curve-adjustable preamp (I use 
and very much like the TDL Restoration Preamp, but there are other options so shop around and pick 
what serves your need and budget best), and getting the fluid-damping upgrade from KAB if you don't 
already have it. The fluid damping has proven very helpful in transferring 78's but also with warped 
LPs. Also, with 78's, if you're not dealing with general mainstream electronic-era disks from 
relatively major labels, you will want a variety of stylus tip size options.

One logistical suggestion -- if you think you will have budget for some more equipment soon, I'd 
start out the transfer work with known RIAA LPs. Move on to 78's and old pre-RIAA LPs when you can 
get a curve-adjustable preamp.

Good luck with the move into the new space!

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Suggestions for physical arrangement of small audio lab?

> The sound archive where I work is finally moving into a larger space and
> I've been asked to come up with a floor plan for a one person space where
> I'll be cleaning LPs and 78s with a Keith Monks unit and then transferring
> them using a very basic set-up using a KAB SL1200-MK5 Turntable,  a Creek LP
> pre-amp, an Edirol UA-5 digitizer, a PC and and DC-Art Millenium.  I
> envisioned a "U" shape with the Monks unit on one side, the turntable at the
> center counter and the computer workstation on the other side.  Will leave a
> five foot width as an aisle and the three sides would be about six to eight
> feet each leaving plenty of space, I think, to handle materials. I do not
> believe any kind of walls/ acoustic insulation have been budgeted in. I'm
> currently using just headphones, which I'm aware is not optimal for
> audioning audio restorations.
> I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions people might have since I'm going to
> have to live with this set-up for a long while. I'm not a professional in
> this area and arrived at this mostly through my language and database
> abilities, so consider this carte-blanche to be frank. I really just need to
> do the best I can with what is being offered here technically and may have
> the ability over time to do some equipment upgrading (such as a pre-amp that
> is not permanently set to the RIAA LP curve) as budget money becomes
> available.
> RA Friedman, Archivist
> Freedman Jewish Sound Archive
> University of Pennsylvania