Hi David:

I recommend Tascan 122's just because they are plentiful and there are parts out there. But, to get 
full facts, I suggest you call Russ at NJ Factory Service ( and ask 
him. Russ might even have a few 122's that he's restored kicking around. I've dealt with Russ twice 
and both times he's done exactly what he said he'd do for exactly the price he specified and the 
work has held up. He refurbed my 122 deck and also restored a Technics turntable that had one too 
many spins on the DJ dance floor.

Note that if you want the ultimate in transfer decks, others will insist only Nak Dragons will do. I 
would agree that if you're dealing with high-fidelity, one of a kind content, there's an argument 
for them. But for what's typically on just about any cassette I've encountered, a 122 will do the 
job and they're built like tanks, and as I said the parts are still around.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] perfect cassette deck?

>I currently have five Marantz PMD### cassette decks but with the large number of cassettes in our 
>collection, I'm concerned about having enough decks around. My repair tech tells me these aren't 
>very well made (pot metal parts), are difficult to repair, and spare parts are almost non-existent 
>now. I'd been planning on purchasing more used decks for spares and parts to keep us in business 
>for the next few years, but I'm reconsidering my decision now. I'm wondering if I should shift over 
>to another deck that's better and easier to repair, or stick with Marantz? My ideal requirements:
> plentiful/inexpensive used supply
> available parts
> ease of repair
> balanced outputs
> auto reverse
> Anything else that should be on this list? It seems the only pro deck still available new is the 
> Tascam 202mkV (no balanced outputs) and Sony still makes the TCWE47 which is an inexpensive 
> consumer deck. Should I just buy lots of the consumer decks, wear them out and toss them or should 
> I try to maintain an inventory of working professional decks? I'm not particularly interested in 
> high-end consumer gear like Nakamichis, but there must have been an era of well made decks that 
> are still cheap and plentiful and have good service records. Maybe a flavor of the Tascam 122? 
> Anybody have suggestions on what might be a good choice moving forward?
> David Seubert