I saw the listing.  The name Richard Strauss was clar in the photo but 
apparently unfamiliar to the typist's fingers.

It's one disc of a pair.

There are also a great number of pop and thnic records on this label as 
well, including a group of Sirota cantorials.

Steve Smolian

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Most of you here are familiar with Max Hesslein,and his Opera Disc 
Company have seen a fair number of 
these over the years,and in the last few sold several on eBay myself.The 
ones I have seen have always been just that,opera.I never saw any other.A 
few weeks ago,I was outbid on a Mischa Elman on the label.Yesterday,I won 
this: German Orchestra
Side 1 - o4086
Side 2 - 04087
Til Eulenspiegels lust'ge Streiche
Order # 69527

Richard Stricker, Conductor
Orchestra Berlin Operahaus
Obviouly a Deutsche Grammophon recording,but the name "Richard Stricker" was 
entirely unknown to me.Clearly this is a pseudonym,but does anybody know who