There is if you can believe it a review of one in the latest PAR - I  
wrote to challenge the author/editor that this was pure snake oil. He  
was comparing an expensive 14 guage ironing type audiophool cable  
with 18 guage zip cord and saying it was better! No, really? And  
there are ads for the same product in that issue too, are we  
surprised? It is more like a glossy blog than a real magazine any  


On Oct 6, 2009, at 8:04 AM, David Seubert wrote:

Just a pet peeve here, but this company markets "high performance  
power cords," i.e IEC power cords. Last time I checked the  
electricity traveling to my equipment didn't give a damn what kind of  
copper was in the last three feet of the 1000 mile electrical  
transmission system or if the connectors were gold plated.

In my opinion any "hi-end" audio company that is sells "high  
performance power cords" is not run by engineers, but by marketing  
people and practitioners of audio witchcraft.

Stay away.

David Seubert

On Oct 2, 2009, at 12:59 PM, Brandon Burke wrote:

> Just stumbled across this online. Never seen such a thing before:
> Thoughts? Has anyone used on of these before?
> (Apologies if this has already been discussed.)
> Happy friday,
> Brandon
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