Version 8 Logic Pro will come with it

I use Pro tools as well... very happy with it.

Thanks for the info!!

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Whicg version makes a difference. I only use Pro Tools andPeak, but  
know some people who love Logic, especially V 9, but it is mainly a  
music composition application and niether intuitive nor easy to  
leanr. But great once you get there! I am told it has perhaps the ost  
comprehesive set of quality built in plugins of all the aiduo  
applications on Macs.

I can refer you to knowledgeable people if you like to learn more.

Lou Judson . Intuitive Audio

On Oct 12, 2009, at 8:22 AM, Paul Tombleson wrote:

Moving back to MAC. anyone have anything to say good or bad about  
Logic pro?
It will come on the computer. My work is 98% post production  
(archival) and
wonder if this software may serve me.

Thanks in advance

Paul Tombleson