If the model you're looking at is anything like the Benchmark Media
AD2402-96, now discontinued (I believe), you're in for a treat.  It is very
faithful to input (i.e., non-colored) and works great.  Manual on that model
said pin 2 high, which ended up not being the case.  Otherwise, it is
flawless at its price point.  As good as Lavry blue or Mytek.  I think this
model had the twin format output you mention, but I never used it on
location, so I didn't require a safety (?).

Unless you can get a Prism or a Weiss or a Lavry Gold, it's probably as good
as it gets.  John Siao is an excellent engineer, from what I've read.  Clock
stable to within 9 pico seconds, methinks beating Mytek's old mark by 1 pico
second. (;


On 10/12/09 1:04 PM, "Tom Fine" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Does anyone on-list use the Benchmark Audio A-D converter? If so, can you
> provide a short report of
> how much you like or dislike it and what features you like and dislike? It
> seems a very compelling
> product at that price point. I especially like the ability to send three
> digital streams at once,
> including two hi-rez 24-bits and a dithered 16-bit 44.1khz to a CD recorder.
> It also seems solidly
> built and seems to have a good line stage before the conversion.
> Thanks in advance for any user-experience comments.
> -- Tom Fine 

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