Country Music Records: A Discography, 1921-1942 (Paperback)
by Tony Russell  Bob Pinson

cost $30-40

Best wishes, Thomas.

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I've been a judge at a local "old-time fiddler's contest" for many 
years, and there has always been controversy about some tunes.  
Typically, we only allow tunes that originated at least 75 years ago 
(we're a little more lenient with the term "old-time").  I can get 
fooled by an unusual "new" tune, and ballads are even worse.  This year 
we had a disagreement that spilled over into some debate among the 
judges, contestants, and organizers, so I'm trying to remove some of the 
guess-work.  Here's my question:

What is the best written source for determining the earliest recording 
of a piece of music loosely dubbed "country?"  It needs to be affordable 
to an individual, indexed and somewhat portable.  Online would be OK if 

Any leads would be very much appreciated.

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