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What do  I do with the old ones? Does anyone recycle them or should I just 
toss  them?

-- Tom Fine
For $1500 I can provide a machine that takes a worn needle and restores the 
Don Chichester

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>> change
>> needle every 2 to 3  disks
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>>  Danger   
> Fascinating advise  from an entity identifying itself
> with such a moniker.  If you  are cheap, (like me) and
> are playing records in v+ condition or less,  you can get
> by with rotating the needle 180 degrees for a second  play.
> But, if you leave the needle *in place* for a second  play,
> by the end of that play it will be building up  shoulders,
> and the tip, now unseated in the groove, will be
>  careening from side to side against the groove walls.
> By a third play,  if you're so deaf that you can tolerate
> the degradation in sound  quality, you'll be repaid
> with a record that has suffered serious  damage.
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> -  "Safety"   :-)