Hi Jessie,

You might check out "Archivist Toolkit" (
-- its a comprehensive app designed for applications such as the ones you
described.  We've started using it to manage a large collection of
recordings (I only do the content-creation & metadata inputting, so I can't
speak to its efficacy beyond that).
It was developed in part here at UCSD, so I could put you in touch with its
authors if it looks like it might be useful for you.


Dave Kesner

On 10/21/09 12:16 PM, "Jessi Fishman" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm working on making recommendations for an audiovisual archive for a local
> school, and part of what they want is a custom database and/or digital
> content management system that will help organize and provide access to
> their files.  It should hold the digital files as well as accompanying
> metadata and permissions information.  They want it to be managed off-site,
> and would be interested in meeting with a consultant.  Does anyone know of a
> consultant, company, or institution that offers something like this?  I
> would greatly appreciate your insight.
> Thanks!
> Jessi Fishman
> (First-time Contract Archivist)

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