Can anyone tell me how they are storing their paper records and sound 
sheets? I'd like to put ours into a sturdier support. One possibility 
would be to put them in acid-free folders and then in standard document 
storage boxes. Are there other solutions?


Does anyone know about how to treat paper discs that are delaminating? 
There is a set of three Hollywood Star Records on cardboard about 1.5 mm 
thick. The surfaces of the disc are coated in a thin layer of plastic. 
On one side is a photograph, and on the other side the grooves are cut 
into the plastic. The plastic surface is intact. However, the cardboard 
is beginning to separate into two pieces and is curling. If this 
continuedto delaminate, there would be two separate single sided discs. 
Because the cardboard is curling it cannot be played. Is there a safe 
way to "glue" the cardboard back together and flatten the record?

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