The latest version, 9, is still experiencing some teething
problems with Snow Leopard (lots of stuff on the usual forums to
back this up), so may be best holding on for a bit. Loss of audio
when moving regions in the arrange window being a common
complaint, but I guess these teething problems are not just exclusive to
 Logic 8 and the better (imo) 7 are pretty solid in terms of bugs.

For post Logic is very adept, but it is focused more directly to
music or music for film production (hence the 50Gb full install of mostly
loops and samples). However, there are some excellent analysis tools and
dynamics processing plug-ins available which might be of use depending on
what you do. If you plan on using any third-party plug-ins then make sure
you can purchase them in the AU (Audio Unit) format, Apple's proprietary
format, as VST's or RTAS units aren't supported (although you can
configure TDM plug-ins). One thing that frustrates a lot of users is that
you can't do any sample based editing in the arrange (main) window, you
have to open the fidgety sample editor to get stuck in. This a big gripe
from users familiar with Pro-Tools and the like. Well, that and the ever
intruding 'Mac' style GUI.

No batch rendering or in-built restoration tools in Logic, but it comes
bundled with a few other apps as well which include Waveburner and
Soundtrack Pro which have some new restoration tools in version 9 (I
haven't tried these yet) and are designed for mastering and/or A/V stuff.
Oh, and the Education (full) version costs 110... if this applies.

Hope this is of some help.


 Paul Tombleson wrote:    Moving back to MAC. anyone have anything to say
good or bad about Logic pro? It will come on the computer. My work is 98%
post production (archival) and wonder if this software may serve me.    
Thanks in advance  Paul Tombleson