On 28/10/2009, Lou Judson wrote:
> Goodman's 38 concert has seen some amazing restorations, and some bad
> ones. Woner what is similar and different??
> <L>
> On Oct 28, 2009, at 11:31 AM, Rob DeLand wrote:
> Why is the sound quality so rough, and were all Carnegie or Boston  
> recordings from this era this bad, or were the masters damaged by  
> excessive playback or something?Where would those masters be today  
> and who owns them  the Ellington estate?A record label?

My CD copy of this concert is on the Disconforme label. I agree the
sound is poor.

As is common with such reissues, nothing is said about the source of the
transfer. It may, for instance,  be a 3rd generation copy of a tape made from the
original discs 50 years ago. 

There is almost always some groove wear on early live recordings such as
this, as the discs would have been played for years with heavy pickups
before tape recorders arrived and made copying practical. (Disc-to-disc
dubs really needed a professional setup.)

It also sounds as though the microphone was not well positioned.

The December 1943 concert (on the Storyville label) does sound much

Don Cox
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