There was an article several decades ago in Allen's Antique Phonograph
Monthly, and perhaps he will post it.  I have put several comments about
the recording being a fake on the YouTube site.  But in looking around
at the links I have found that some poems and speeches have been
recreated.  There is a Whitman poem and the Gettysburg Address and more.
 The Whitman poem does not cite the source of the recording, 
but the Lincoln states it is an Edison Blue Amberol cylinder by Harry E
Thank goodness the title info is embedded in the picture, otherwise we
will be getting reports of an actual sound film of Lincoln!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Biel   [log in to unmask]   

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I'm not familiar with this story of this cylinder. Can you elaborate?

-- Tom Fine

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> So you're saying 
> it might just be a lousy transfer of something truly old? 
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> no, it sounded better than what purports to be the "original". The actual 
> cylinder ('owned' by Haley) was never seen, and hence Yale turned down its 
> purchase years ago. But copies have proliferated...
> Allen