I am the Audio Preservation Manager at AIATSIS.

We have preserved 25% of the existing Audio Collection over the last few 
years of Government grants.

We do have a rapidly growing collection however.  New material is coming in 
every week.

Hence the 30 year estimate before we reach the point at which we can 
preserve material as soon as it is donated.  

At present we have a long and comprehensive priority list that we are 
working through.

We also, in parallel with our preservation works, provide copying service 
for clients, AV support and production for AIATSIS and audio recording 
training for researchers.  

Its busy down here....And its important work... dealing with unique 
material in a unique organisation(in my humble opinion).

We have a few Cubetec/Quadriga workstations (including a small Dobbin rig), 
a basic Protools HD rig for production purposes, and small selection of 
VPIs on Wavelab for basic restoration works.  We done a lot with a little 
here and...tick tick tick...we have a lot more to do!

...back to it.

Mark Campbell