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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] current 78  was  Still more LP jukebox trivia
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Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2009, 5:56 PM

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> Yes, but not the the poverty local public stations. And more likely  because I hardly ever hear music on the radio that is worth hearing.
> I grew up on KDFCm KKHI, some good local rock stations in the 60s  (KEWB, KYA, etc), and then KMPX and KSAN and MOR KFOG, not to mention  KJAZ which was truly the world's greatest jazz station until the  idiot owner killed it (I have over 100 hours of their last two weeks  on air!). I think there may be one bay area commercial station worth  a listen this century, KFOG, and they are too much rock for me now.
> The Cedar box sounds interesting, but I doubt MP3s need it and the  real radio stations could afford it...
These modern 78's are NOT (AFAIK) issueds with the intent of being played by the radio statilons receiving them...?! They are simply "novelty"
items...since so few folks can actually PLAY 78's!" I tend to doubt if
the members of the bands involved therewith ever actually SAW a real
78rpm phonorecord?...BUT, a couple a "famous" musicians/groups
issued "78's" everybody else has to try and "get on board?"


Steven C. Barr