Indiana University announces the release of a detailed report on the more than 560,000 audio and video recordings and reels of film on its Bloomington campus. The report not only examines the characteristics and condition of the recordings, but also analyzes their associated preservation challenges. The 115-page report is the result of a ten-month study by a team of archivists, funded by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. It is available for download at:

The Media Preservation Survey report explores degradation and obsolescence issues with many of the 51 analog and physical digital formats held by 80 units on campus. It presents a strong case for the urgent need to digitize audio and video holdings in the near-term as well as immediately secure appropriate storage of motion picture film. The report also highlights the research value of the university's holdings and suggests concrete steps towards the development and implementation of a university-wide preservation plan.

The findings and analysis in the survey report may be useful to universities and other types of organizations with media holdings. Consultants for the report were David Francis, former Chief, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division at the Library of Congress; Dietrich Schüller, Director Emeritus, Vienna Phonogrammarchiv; and Chris Lacinak, President, AudioVisual Preservation Solutions.

Further information is available on the survey website at the url provided above.

Mike Casey
Associate Director for Recording Services
Archives of Traditional Music
Indiana University


Co-Chair, ARSC Technical Committee