Columbia,like everybody,made test pressings from the 1900s on.


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I've got a promotional copy of Bessie Smith's "Give Me
a Pigs Foot" on a white-labelled Okeh pressing.  It
surprised me that a song this old was released this
way.  Would Columbia (who owned Okeh) have sent out a
record like that in the late 40s or early 50s?
Could it have been some sort of commemorative?  I wish
I could place my hands on it this morning, as I'd
add more detail from the label.
It was likely sent out to promote the Columbia LP release of Bessie's
recordings.  I have early 50s white vinyl 78 promos by Louis Armstrong,
Benny Goodman and Cab Calloway of vintage recordings done for that purpose. 

Dave Weiner