Well there is OCLC's Content dm which we use simply because it has the
OCLC backing and infrastructure and for us we really need that - it
takes care of a lot of stuff for you - and we are part of a consortium
that uses it - Content dm actually isn't that great for audio as
compared to what it can do for pdf stuff, but it will give you all of
the below. 

But I would be very interested to see what others recommend or do. 

Melodie Frances

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Hello all,

I'm working on making recommendations for an audiovisual archive for a
school, and part of what they want is a custom database and/or digital
content management system that will help organize and provide access to
their files.  It should hold the digital files as well as accompanying
metadata and permissions information.  They want it to be managed
and would be interested in meeting with a consultant.  Does anyone know
of a
consultant, company, or institution that offers something like this?  I
would greatly appreciate your insight.


Jessi Fishman
(First-time Contract Archivist)