1.  Fees:  The threshold at which the FEDLINK Transfer Pay fee drops to
6% will be $100,000 per account for FY2010.  Previously it was

FEDLINK fees for FY2010 are:

Transfer Pay 
6.75% on service dollars in single account under $100,000 
6.00% on service dollars in single account over $100,000 
4.00% on service dollars in single account over $1,000,000

Direct Pay 
$1,200 Fee per account 
0.60% additional fee on service dollars over $100,000

Direct Express 0.75%

If you need assistance with your FY2010 FEDLINK registration, please
contact the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline at 202-707-4900 or [log in to unmask]

2.  Delivery order language:

Text on FY2010 delivery orders will clarify the role the IAG point of
contact plays as the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative
(COTR) for the agency’s use of the contract:

identified on this delivery order in item 6(f) is hereby designated as
the COTR for the purpose of coordinating with the Vendor in
administering the technical aspects of performance for this delivery
order.  The COTR may issue written or oral instructions to fill in
details in the scope of work set forth in the contract via the
Contracting Officer.  The COTR is not authorized, however, to make any
changes that affect the contract amounts, terms and conditions.  The LC
Contracting Officer is the only party authorized to make any changes
that affect the terms and conditions of this delivery order or to bind
the Library of Congress.  

3.  A team of librarians on the FEDLINK staff also serve as COTRs for
the contracts, and can be contacted for initial guidance or to report
performance issues.  They can assist in resolving problems, and will
work with the Library of Congress/FEDLINK contracting officers when
necessary to address service and contract-related issues.  They and the
contracting officers are available for assistance to transfer pay and
Direct Pay/Direct Express customers.  For assistance, send an email to
[log in to unmask] or consult the following list:

Electronic Retrieval Services and Copyright Clearance Center
Georgette Harris
[log in to unmask] 

Preservation, Digitization and Cataloging (these services generally
require individual technical specifications and that a Request for
Quotes be issued by FEDLINK)
Anne Harrison
[log in to unmask] 

Books and other monographs
Dave Pachter
[log in to unmask] 

OCLC, Lyrasis, AOBC ILL Fee Payment
Holly Kerwin
[log in to unmask] 

Outsell and back-up to all of the above
Lynn McDonald
[log in to unmask] 

Further details will be provided to the IAG points of contact.  If you
have questions now, please contact Lynn McDonald.