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Dispersion List FY09-07
October, 2009

 Dark past, bright future                                 EPA
 160-K-98-002                                             1998
 1999 environmental education grant profiles              EPA
 171-R-99-003                                             1999
 Managing for results : making a difference in environmental protection
 EPA 190-F-99-002                                         1999
 Strategic Plan                                           EPA
 190-R-00-002                                             2000
 US EPA fiscal year 2000 annual report
 EPA-190-R-01-001                                         2001
 Fiscal year 2002 annual report                           EPA
 190-R-03-001                                             2003
 US EPA performance and accountability report: fiscal year 2006
 EPA 190-R-06-001                                         2006
 EPA strategic plan                                       EPA
 190-R-97-002                                             1997
 Environmental progress and challenges: EPA's update      EPA
 230-07-88-033                                            1988
 Survey management handbook Volume 2
 EPA-230-12-84-002                                        1983
 Draft report on the environment 2003                     EPA
 260-R-02-006                                             2003
 Clean up news 1998, issue #1
 EPA-300-N-98-009                                         1998
 Profile of the agriculture crop production industry
 EPA-310-R-00-001                                         2000
 Profile of the agricultural livestock production industry
 EPA-310-R-00-002                                         2000
 Profile of the ground transportation industry: trucking, railroad and
 pipeline                                                 EPA
 310-R-97-002                                             1997
 Profile of the water transportation industry             EPA
 310-R-97-003                                             1997
 Profile of the pharmaceutical industry                   EPA
 310-R-97-005                                             1997
 Profile of the plastic resin and man made fiber industry EPA
 310-R-97-006                                             1997
 Profile of the shipbuilding and repair industry          EPA
 310-R-97-008                                             1997
 Sector notebook: data refresh 1997                       EPA
 310-R-97-010                                             1998
 Plain English guide to the Clean Air Act
 EPA-400-K-93-001                                         1993
 Ozone: good up high, bad nearby                          EPA
 451-K-97-002                                             1997
 Procedures for identifying reasonably available control technology for
    stationary sources of PM-10                           EPA
 452-R-93-001                                             1992
 Deposition of air pollutants to the great waters         EPA
 453-R-93-055                                             1994
 Latest findings on national air quality: 1999 status and trends
 EPA 454-F-00-002                                         2000
 Latest findings on national air quality: 2001 status and trends
 EPA-454-K-02-001                                         2002
 Pulping and bleaching system NESHAP for the pulp and paper industry
 EPA 456-R-01-002                                         2001
 Brownfields economic redevelopment initiative            EPA
 500-F-98-250                                             1998
 RCRA in focus: Printing
 EPA-530-K-97-007                                         1998
 EPA guide for infectious waste management                EPA
 530-SW-86-014                                            1986
 EPA participation in federal lead removal actions        EPA
 540-F-96-023                                             1996
 Frequently asked questions : RAGS part D                 EPA
 540-F-97-036                                             1998
 Guidance on expediting remedial design and remedial action
 EPA 540-G-90-006                                         1990
 Guidance on oversight of potentially responsible party remedial
    investigations and feasibility studies : Vol. 2       EPA
 540-G-91-010b                                            1991
 Understanding oil spills and oil spill response          EPA
 540-K-93-003                                             1993
 Understanding oil spills and oil spill response          EPA
 540-K-99-007                                             1999
 Samplers guide to the contract laboratory program        EPA
 540-P-90-006                                             1990
 Guide for conducting treatability studies under CERCLA: biodegradation
    remedy selection                                      EPA
 540-R-93-519a                                            1993
 Superfund innovative evaluation program: technology profiles, 7th ed.
 EPA 540-R-94-526                                         1994
 An analysis of state superfund programs: 50 state study 1995 update
 EPA 540-R-96-036                                         1995
 Rules of thumb for superfund remedy selection            EPA
 540-R-97-013                                             1997
 Implementing presumptive remedies                        EPA
 540-R-97-029                                             1997
 Superfund reforms annual report FY 1998                  EPA
 540-R-99-002                                             1999
 Superfund innovative technology evaluation program: annual report to
    Congress FY 1998                                      EPA
 540-R-99-504                                             1999
 Risk assessment guidance for Superfund Vol. 2 : environmental
    manual, interim final                                 EPA
 540-1-89-001                                             1989
 Risk assessment guidance for superfund Vol. 1 : human health evaluation
    manual (part A), interim final                        EPA
 540-1-89-002                                             1989
 Innovative site remediation technology: thermal desorption, Vol 6
 EPA 542-B-93-011                                         1993
 Innovative site remediation technology: soil washing / soil flushing,
 Vol 3                                                    EPA
 542-B-93-012                                             1993
 Innovative site remediation technology: solidification / stabilization,
 Vol. 4                                                   EPA
 542-B-94-001                                             1994
 Innovative site remediation technology: vacuum vapor extraction, Vol. 8
 EPA 542-B-94-002                                         1995
 Innovative site remediation technology: thermal destruction, Vol 7
 EPA 542-B-94-003                                         1994
 Innovative site remediation technology: chemical treatment, Vol 2
 EPA 542-B-94-004                                         1994
 Innovative site remediation technology: solvent / chemical extraction,
 Vol. 5                                                   EPA
 542-B-94-005                                             1995
 Innovative site remediation technology: bioremediation, Vol 1
 EPA 542-B-94-006                                         1995
 Remediation technologies screening matrix and reference guide, 2nd ed.
 EPA 542-B-94-013                                         1994
 CERCLA/superfund orientation manual
 EPA-542-R-92-005                                         1992
 Title III list of lists: consolidated…
 EPA-550-B-96-015                                         1996
 Air quality criteria for particulate matter, Vol. 3 of 3 EPA
 600-P-95-001cF                                           1996
 Assessment of near-stream ground water-surface water interaction (GSI)
    of a degraded stream before restoration
 EPA-600-R-07-058                                         2008
 Dense nonaqueous phase liquids: a workshop summary
 EPA-600-R-92-030                                         1992
 An ecological assessment of the United States Mid-Atlantic Region: a
    landscape atlas                                       EPA
 600-R-97-130                                             1997
 Condition of the Mid Atlantic estuaries
 EPA-600-R-98-147                                         1998
 Research and development: fiscal years 1997-1998 research
    accomplishments                                       EPA
 600-R-99-106                                             1999
 MAIA project summary: birds indicate ecological condition of the
    Mid-Atlantic Highlands                                EPA
 620-R-00-003                                             2000
 Handbook: control techniques for fugitive VOC emissions from chemical
    process facilities                                    EPA
 625-R-93-005                                             1994
 Handbook: continuous air pollution monitoring systems    EPA
 625-6-79-005                                             1979
 Proposed guidelines for ecological risk assessment       EPA
 630-R-95-002B                                            1996
 Guidelines for ecological risk assessment                EPA
 630-R-95-002F                                            1998
 Office of pesticide programs biennial report for FY 1998 and 1999
 EPA 735-R-99-002                                         1999
 Archive operations and protocols                         EPA
 747-R-97-004                                             1997
 The volunteer monitor's guide to quality assurance project plans
 EPA 841-B-96-003                                         1996
 State of the New England environment 1996: a report to the public
 EPA-901-R-96-001                                         1996
 Chesapeake Bay Program: findings and recommendations     EPA
 903/R-83-100                                             1983
 Road to ROD                                              EPA
 903-R-92-007                                             1992
 The challenge ahead                                      EPA
 903-R-99-005                                             1999
 Use of monitored natural attenuation at superfund, RCRA corrective
    and underground storage tank sites                    OSWER
 9200.4-17                                                1997
 A report on state / territory non-NPL hazardous waste site cleanup
 efforts for
    the period 1980-1992                                  OSWER
 9242.2-09                                                1994
 Implementation of risk assessment guidance for superfund (RAGS) Vol. 1:
    Human health evaluation manual (part D, standardized planning,
    reporting, and review of superfund risk assessments) (Interim)
 OSWER 9285.7-OID-1                                       1997
 Revised procedures for implementing off-site response actions
 OSWER 9834.11                                            1987


 Analysis of fat intake based on the US Department of Agriculture's
   1998 continuing survey                                 EPA
 600-R-05-021F                                            2007
 Analysis of total food intake and composition of individual's diet
 based on
   USDA's 1994-1996, 1998 continuing survey of food intakes by
 individuals                                              EPA
 600-R-05-062F                                            2007