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G1201 .P1 R187 1997                      1934
    Rand McNally and Company.
    Standard highway mileage guide.
    Road atlas of the United States and eastern Canada 1934-
KF3469 .F813 2005                        2005
    Fram, David K.
    Resolving ADA workplace questions : how courts and agencies are dealing
    with employment issues / by David K. Fram.
    Resolving Americans with Disabilities Act workplace questions
    18th ed.
QC490 .D875                              1963
    Duivenstijn, A. J.
    Practical gamma spectrometry [by] A. J. Duivenstijn and L. A. J.
    Venverloo. [Translated from the Dutch by G. du Cloux]
QC495 .B598                              1966
    Billmeyer, Fred W.
    Principles of color technology [by] Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr. [and] Max
QC571 .H236 1995                         1995
    Handbook of electrostatic processes / edited by Jen-shih Chang, Arnold J.
    Kelly, Joseph M. Crowley.
QC611 .C678                              1968
    Superconductivity in science and technology. Edited by Morrel H. Cohen.
QC611 .P578 1988                         1988
    Physics of semiconductor failures / edited by Howard K. Dicken. 3rd ed.
QC611.98.C64 P822 1988                   1988
    Poole, Charles P.
    Copper oxide superconductors / Charles P. Poole, Jr., Timir Datta, Horacio
    A. Farach ; with help from M.M. Rigney, C.R. Sanders.
QC612.S8 F537                            1969
    Fishlock, David.
    A guide to superconductivity, edited by David Fishlock.
QC661 .H983                              1960
    Hutter, Rudolf G. E.
    Beam and wave electronics in microwave tubes, by Rudolf G.E. Hutter,
    assisted by Shirley W. Harrison.
QC661 .M331                              1971
    Marha, Karel.
    Electromagnetic fields and the life environment [by] Karel Marha, Jan
    Musil, and Hana Tuha. Translated from the Czech.
QC670 .F662                              1965
    Fok, V. A. (Vladimir Aleksandrovich), 1898-1974.
    Electromagnetic diffraction and propagation problems, by V.A. Fock. [1st ed.].
QC670 .P536                              1970
    Phase and frequency instabilities in electromagnetic wave  propagation
    [editor Kenneth Davies] Slough [Published for] the Advisory Group for Aerospace Research
    And Development of N.A.T.O. [by] Technivision Services [London]: [Distributed
    by Technical Press] 1970.
QC670 .S911                              1941
    Stratton, Julius Adams, 1901-
    Electromagnetic theory, by Julius Adams Stratton. 1st ed.
QC702 .P578                              1966
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Advisory Group for Aerospace Research
    and Development. Combustion and Propulsion Panel.
    Physics and technology of ion motors. Edited by Frank E. Marble and Jean
QC718 .K96                               1966
    Kunkel, Wulf B.
    Plasma physics in theory and application, edited by Wulf B. Kunkel.
QC721 .I61C                              1970
    International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements.
    Linear energy transfer.
QC757 .P242                              1962
    Parker, Rollin J.
    Permanent magnets and their application [by] Rollin J. Parker [and] Robert
    J. Studders.
QC762 .M167                              1968
    McMillan, Juan A., 1915-
    Electron paramagnetism [by] Juan A. McMillan.
QC762 .P822                              1967
    Poole, Charles P.
    Electron spin resonance; a comprehensive treatise on experimental
    techniques [by] Charles P. Poole, Jr.
QC771 .S571 V.1                          1965
    Siegbahn, Kai, 1918-
    Alpha- beta- and gamma-ray spectroscopy.
QC771 .S571 V.2                          1965
    Siegbahn, Kai, 1918-
    Alpha- beta- and gamma-ray spectroscopy.
QC778 .H647                              1963
    Hill, Robert Dickson, 1913-
    Tracking down particles.
QC778 .L494                              1963
    Lefort, Marc.
    Nuclear radiations. Translated from the French by J.A. Spiers.
QC784 .B877                              1963
    Brown, Basil.
    Experimental nucleonics.
QC786 .N277                              1962
    National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Nuclear Science.
    Nuclear instruments and their uses. Arthur H. Snell, editor [Subcommittee
    on Instruments and Techniques].
QC786 .R414                              1963
    Renne, Harold S.
    How to detect & measure radiation. [1st ed.].
QC787.C6 K72 1989                        1989
    Knoll, Glenn F.
    Radiation detection and measurement / Glenn F. Knoll. 2nd ed.
QC793.2 .C854 1991                       1991
    Coughlan, G. D.
    The ideas of particle physics : an introduction for scientists / G.D.
    Coughlan and J.E. Dodd. 2nd ed.
QC801 .K45                               1975
    Khrgian, Aleksandr Khristoforovich
    The Physics of atmospheric ozone / A. Kh. Khrgian translated from Russian
    [by D. Lederman.  Edited by P. Greenberg]
QC809.V3 H586                            1968
    Hess, Wilmot N.
    The radiation belt and magnetosphere [by] Wilmot N. Hess.
QC871 .H889 1992                         1992
    Huffman, Robert E., 1931-
    Atmospheric ultraviolet remote sensing / Robert E. Huffman.
QC871 .S253                              1984
    Satellite sensing of a cloudy atmosphere : observing the third planet /
    edited by Ann Henderson-Sellers.
QC876 .M629                              1953
    Middleton, W. E. Knowles (William Edgar Knowles), 1902-
    Meteorological instruments, by W. E. Knowles Middleton and Athelstan F.
    Spilhaus. 3d ed., rev.
QC879 .N277                              1982
    National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Chemistry and Physics of
    Ozone Depletion.
    Causes and effects of stratospheric ozone reduction, an update : a report
    / prepared by the Committee on Chemistry and Physics of Ozone Depletion
    and the Committee on Biological Effects of Increased Solar Ultraviolet
    Radiation, Environmental Studies Board, Commission on Natural Resources,
    National Research Council
QC879.6 .S989 1974                       1975
    Symposium on Chemical Kinetics Data for the Upper and Lower Atmosphere,
    Warrenton, Va., 1974.
    Proceedings of the Symposium on Chemical Kinetics Data for the Upper and
    Lower Atmosphere, held at Warrenton, Virginia, September 15-18, 1974 /
    Sidney W. Benson, editor, David M. Golden, associate editor, John R.
    Barker, assistant editor ; meeting organization, chairman, Sidney W.
    Benson, vice-chairman, David Garvin.
QC880 .H758 1992                         1992
    Holton, James R.
    An introduction to dynamic meteorology / James R. Holton. 3rd ed.
QC911 .K82A                              1974
    Kondrat'ev, Kirill IAkovlevich.
    Atmospheric radiation studies / edited by K. Ya. Kondrat'ev.
QC945 .D923                              1960
    Dunn, Gordon E.
    Atlantic hurricanes / Gordon E. Dunn, Banner I. Miller.
QC960.5 .A881 1983                       1983
    Proceedings in atmospheric electricity / edited by Lothar H. Ruhnke, John
QC961 .C438 1967                         1967
    Chalmers, John Alan.
    Atmospheric electricity [by] J. Alan Chalmers. 2d ed.
QC966 .M237                              1964
    Malan, David Johannes.
    Physics of lightning [by] D. J. Malan.
QC966 .U48                               1969
    Uman, Martin A.
    Lightning [by] Martin A. Uman.
QC966 .U48                               1969
    Uman, Martin A.
    Lightning [by] Martin A. Uman.
QC966 .U48                               1969
    Uman, Martin A.
    Lightning [by] Martin A. Uman.
QC971 .C443                              1961
    Chamberlain, Joseph W. (Joseph Wyan), 1928-
    Physics of the aurora and airglow / Joseph W. Chamberlain.
QC973 .B367                              1966
    Institute for Telecommunication Sciences and Aeronomy (U.S.).
    A world atlas of atmospheric radio refractivity [by] B. R. Bean [and
QC973.4.V2 O41 1988                      1988
    Okada, Toshimi, 1949-
    Natural VLF radio waves / Toshimi Okada and Akira Iwai.
QC973.5 .D743                            1984
    Doviak, R. J.
    Doppler radar and weather observations / Richard J. Doviak, Du*san S. Zrni*c.
QC981 .C934                              1966
    Critchfield, Howard J.
    General climatology [by] Howard J. Critchfield. 2d ed.
QC981 .P613                              1984
    Pielke, Roger A.
    Mesoscale meteorological modeling / Roger A. Pielke.
QC981 .S467                              1965
    Sellers, William D.
    Physical climatology [by] William D. Sellers.
QD1 .A512T                               1956
    American Chemical Society. Division of Chemical Education.
    Training of literature chemists : a collection of papers comprising the
    symposium on training of literature chemists, presented before the
    Division of Chemical Education and the Division of Chemical Literature at
    the 127th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, Cincinnati,
    Ohio, March 1955.
QD1 .A512                                1966
    American Chemical Society.
    Organic pesticides in the environment; a symposium co-sponsored by the
    Division of Water, Air, and Waste Chemistry and the Pesticide Subdivision
    of the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry at the 150th meeting of
    the American Chemical Society, Atlantic City, N.J., Sept. 13-15, 1965 /
    Aaron A. Rosen and H. F. Kraybill, symposium chairmen.
QD1 .S934T 1974 SUPPLEMENT               1971
    JANAF thermochemical tables / D.R. Stull and H. Prophet, project
    directors. 2nd ed.
QD1 .S934T 1975 SUPPLEMENT               1971
    JANAF thermochemical tables / D.R. Stull and H. Prophet, project
    directors. 2nd ed.
QD8.5 .W884                              1974
    Woodburn, Henry Milton, 1902-
    Using the chemical literature : a practical guide / Henry M. Woodburn.
QD31.2 .B786                             1979
    Bowen, Humphrey John Moule.
    Environmental chemistry of the elements / H.J.M. Bowen.
QD31.2 .C517E                            1978
    Chemistry of the environment / R. A. Bailey ... [et al.].
QD51 .A512 1997                          1997
    American Industrial Hygiene Association. Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
    Laboratory quality assurance manual / Prepared by the Sampling and
    Laboratory Analysis Committee of the American Industrial Hygiene
    Association. 2nd ed.
QD51 .D987 1990                          1991
    Dux, James P.
    Handbook of quality assurance for the analytical chemistry laboratory /
    James P. Dux. 2nd ed.
QD51 .M294 1972                          1972
    Guide for safety in the chemical laboratory. 2nd ed.
QD51 .N277                               1962
    National Research Council. Committee on Design, Construction and Equipment
    of Laboratories.
    Laboratory planning for chemistry and chemical engineering. Edited by Hary
    F. Lewis.
QD51 .O81 1991                           1991
    Hearn, Leo C.
    OSHA Laboratory Standard implemetation guide / Leo C. Hearn, Steven L.
    Goode, David F. Coble
QD51 .P971                               1983
    Prudent practices for disposal of chemicals from laboratories / Committee
    on Hazardous Substances in the Laboratory, Commission on Physical
    Sciences, Mathematics, and Resources, National Research Council.
QD51 .S917 1990                          1990
    Stricoff, R. Scott.
    Laboratory health and safety handbook : a guide for the preparation of a
    chemical hygiene plan / R. Scott Stricoff, Douglas B. Walters.
QD51 .T243 1987                          1987
    Taylor, John K. (John Keenan), 1912-
    Quality assurance of chemical measurements / John Keenan Taylor.
QD63.S4 B493                             1963
    Berg, Eugene W.
    Physical and chemical methods of separation.
QD65 .B344                               1971
    Bauer, Edward L.
    A statistical manual for chemists [by] Edward L. Bauer. 2d ed.
QD65 .G662                               1972
    Gordon, Arnold J.
    The chemist's companion: a handbook of practical data, techniques, and
    references [by] Arnold J. Gordon and Richard A. Ford.
QD71 .M499                               1963
    Meites, Louis.
    Handbook of analytical chemistry. 1st ed.
QL757 .S35                               1977
    Schmidt, Gerald D., 1934-
    Foundations of parasitology / Gerald D. Schmidt, Larry S. Roberts.
QR46 .B156 1994                          1994
    Baron, Ellen Jo.
    Bailey & Scott's diagnostic microbiology / Ellen Jo Baron, Lance R.
    Peterson, Sydney M. Finegold. 9th ed.
QR46 .M294 1991                          1991
    Manual of clinical microbiology.
    5th ed. / editor in chief, Albert Balows ; editors, William J. Hausler,
    Jr. ... [et al.].
QR46 .M294 1999                          1999
    Manual of clinical microbiology / editor in chief, Patrick R. Murray ;
    editors, Ellen Jo Baron ... [et al.].
    Clinical microbiology. 7th ed.
QR255 .G216 1988                         1988
    Garcia, Lynne Shore.
    Diagnostic medical parasitology / Lynne S. Garcia, David A. Bruckner.
R121 .D711 1981                          1981
    Dorland, W. A. Newman (William Alexander Newman), 1864-1956.
    Dorland's Illustrated medical dictionary. 26th ed.
R728.K58 2004                            2004
    Kirby, J. David
    Kirby Current. CD-ROM
RB40 .F981                               1976
    Fundamentals of clinical chemistry / with contributions by Sheldon Berger
    [et al.] ; edited by Norbert W. Tietz. 2d ed.
RB45 .H999 1986                          1986
    Hyun, Bong Hak, 1922-
    Color atlas of clinical hematology / Bong Hak Hyun, Gene L. Gulati, John
    K. Ashton. 1st ed.
RB46 .C641 1992 V.1                      1992
    Clinical microbiology procedures handbook / editor in chief, Henry D.
RB46 .C641 1992 V.2                      1992
    Clinical microbiology procedures handbook / editor in chief, Henry D.
RB53 .H114                               1981
    Haber, Meryl H., 1934-
    Urinary sediment : a textbook atlas / Meryl H. Haber.
    Chicago : Educational Products Division, American Society of Clinical
    Pathologists, c1981.
RB145 .B416                              1979
    Begemann, Herbert.
    Atlas of clinical hematology / H. Begemann, J. Rastetter ; initiated by L.
    Heilmeyer and H. Begemann ; with contributions on the ultrastructure of
    blood cells and their precursors by D. Huhn and on tropical diseases by W.
    Mohr ; translated by H. J. Hirsch. 3d completely rev. ed.
RB145 .M618                              1977
    Miale, John B.
    Laboratory medicine, hematology / John B. Miale.
    5th ed.
RC117 .B464 1980                         1980
    Beneke, E. S. (Everett Smith), 1918-
    Medical mycology manual / E.S. Beneke, A.L. Rogers. With human mycoses
    monograph / [Everett Smith Beneke]. 4th ed.
RC119 .A819 1997                         1997
    Ash, Lawrence R.
    Atlas of human parasitology / Lawrence R. Ash, Thomas C. Orihel. 4th ed.
RC119 .A819P 1987                        1987
    Ash, Lawrence R.
    Parasites, a guide to laboratory procedures and identification / Lawrence
    R. Ash, Thomas C. Orihel.
RC119 .S957 1988                         1988
    Sun, Tsieh.
    Color atlas and textbook of diagnostic parasitology / Tsieh Sun. 1st ed.
RC119.7 .S745 1975                       1975
    Spencer, Francis M.
    The color atlas of intestinal parasites / by Francis M. Spencer and Lee S.
    Monroe ; with a foreword by Ernest Carroll Faust. 1st ed., rev. 6th print.
RC961 .P483 1989                         1989
    Peters, Wallace, 1924-
    A colour atlas of tropical medicine and parasitology / Wallace Peters,
    Herbert M. Gilles. 3rd ed.
TK6552 .R332 1985                        1985
    Reference data for engineers : Radio, electronics, computer, and
    communications/ [Edward C. Jordan:  editor-in-chief.] 7th ed.
OL757 M825                                1973
        The application of comparative morphology in the indentification of intestinal parasites
        Pipe Engineering                   1971
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