Library Management Presentation: Dec. 1, 2009


I want to invite you to attend a presentation on Library Management by the students of LSC607 at the Catholic University of America School of Library and Information Science.  Students in this class have organized into teams to create new libraries. Their presentations will include target population information, mission statements, goals and objectives, staffing, budget, services, etc. There will be two presentations on public libraries and two presentations on special libraries.

The students have been working hard and I want them to make their presentations to as large an audience as possible. This presentation is part of their learning because, as future managers, they will be asked to do many presentations to a variety of audiences.

If you're a CUA alum, have an interest in management, or want to encourage our future library leaders, please plan to attend.

DATE:           December 1, 2009

TIME:           5:10pm to 7:40pm

LOCATION:       Room 108, Hannon Hall, CUA  (Hannon Hall is the Physics Building and Room 108 is a large amphitheater                   that seats many people.)

Thanks! I hope to have a large turnout for these students.