Please forgive any duplication, as I'm sending this message to several lists.


We are in the process of renewing subscriptions, and I've been asked to do "market research."  Based on customer/patron comments, we've subscribed to different titles for years.  Because we have more stringent procurement guidelines now, we have to provide more documentation and justification.  In addition, we must see if viable alternatives exist for present subscriptions.


At present, we have a bundled subscription to three ODS Petrodata products:  "Gulf of Mexico Newsletter," "Gulf of Mexico Rig Locator," and "Gulf of Mexico Offshore Construction Locator."  These are online services related to offshore oil and gas exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico.


I'm hoping to hear from other librarians who may have used these or similar products.  Prior to working here, I wasn't familiar with these products, so I don't know if there are competing services that provide the same or very similar services.  I'm open to testimonials, critiques, suggestions, gripes, compliments, comments, etc. to fill in background information on any possible substitutes to these online products.
I appreciate any comments and suggestions on any possible substitutes for these titles.
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