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KF5640 .E79 1983 V.II                    1983
    Estes, Carroll L.
    Controlled wildlife : a three-volume guide to U.S. wildlife laws and
    permit procedures / compiled and edited by Carol Estes, Keith W. Sessions.
QD518 .D771                              1952
    Dreisbach, Robert Rickert.
    Pressure-volume-temperature relationship of organic compounds; a reference
    volume for reading directly the variation of vapor pressure, with
    temperature of a compound belonging to one of the twenty-three Cox Chart
    families...3d ed.
    Sandusky, Ohio, Handbook Publishers, 1952.
QD541 .R348 1988                         1988
    Reichardt, C. (Christian)
    Solvents and solvent effects in organic chemistry / Christian Reichardt.
    2nd rev. and enl. ed.
QD553 .H229 1964                         1964
    Hampel, Clifford A.
    The encyclopedia of electrochemistry. Edited by Clifford A. Hampel.
QD553 .H433                              1969
    Headridge, J. B.
    Electrochemical techniques for inorganic chemists [by] J. B. Headridge.
QD553 .M637                              1963
    Milazzo, Giulio.
    Electrochemistry; theoretical principles and practical applications. With
    the co-operation of G. Bombara [and others]
    1st English ed. Translated from the Italian manuscript, by P. J. Mill.
QD561 .B955 1988                         1988
    Burgess, John, Dr.
    Ions in solution : basic principles of chemical interactions / J. Burgess.
QD561 .H214                              1959
    Hamer, Walter J. (Walter Jay)
    The structure of electrolytic solutions.
QD561 .I64 V.1                           1985
    Ion exchange.
QD561 .I64 V.2                           1985
    Ion exchange.
QD561 .W524                              1978
    Westcott, C. Clark.
    pH measurements / C. Clark Westcott.
QD571 .V575                              1978
    Vesel*y, Josef, C.Sc.
    Analysis with ion-selective electrodes / Josef Vesel*y, Dalibor Weiss,
    Karel *Stul*ik ; translator, Madeleine Stul*ikov*a.
QD601 .P238                              1968
    Parker, Cecil Allen.
    Photoluminescence of solutions. With applications to photochemistry and
    analytical chemistry. By C. A. Parker.
QD601 .S989                              1966
    Symposium on the Chemical and Physical Effects of High-Energy Radiation on
    Inorganic Substances (2nd : 1965 : Seattle)
    Effects of high-energy radiation on inorganic substances; [papers]
QD601 .T961                              1965
    Turro, Nicholas J., 1938-
    Molecular photochemistry [by] Nicholas J. Turro.
QD655 .M626 1997                         1997
    Microwave-enhanced chemistry : fundamentals, sample preparation, and
    applications / H.M. (Skip) Kingston, editor, Stephen J. Haswell, editor.
QD905 .B942                              1964
    Bunn, Charles William.
    Crystals, their role in nature and in science / by Charles Bunn. -- Bunn.
QD905 .E92                               1964
    Evans, Robert Crispin.
    An introduction to crystal chemistry. 2d ed.
QD921 .A512                              1970
    Symposium on Ordered Fluids and Liquid Crystals (2nd : 1969 : New York)
    Liquid crystals and ordered fluids; proceedings of an American Chemical
    Society symposium on ordered fluids and liquid crystals, held in New York
    City, September 10-12, 1969. Edited by Julian F. Johnson and Roger S.
QD945 .A376                              1969
    Alexander, Leroy Elbert, 1910-
    X-ray diffraction methods in polymer science [by] Leroy E. Alexander.
QD945 .S889 1989                         1989
    Stout, George H., 1932-
    X-ray structure determination : a practical guide / George H. Stout, Lyle
    H. Jensen. 2nd ed.
QE28 .G239                               1951
    Garrels, Robert Minard, 1916-
    A textbook of geology.
QE39 .S547                               1967
    Shepard, Francis Parker, 1897-
    The earth beneath the sea, by Francis P. Shepard.
    Rev. ed.
QE372 .D168                              1959
    Dana, James Dwight, 1813-1895.
    Manual of mineralogy.
    17th ed., rev. by Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Jr.
QE471 .G861 1968                         1968
    Grim, Ralph Early, 1902-
    Clay mineralogy [by] Ralph E. Grim. 2d ed.
QE501 .N277                              1963
    Nuclear geophysics; proceedings of a conference, Woods Hole,
    Massachusetts, June 7-9, 1962. Sponsored by National Academy of
    Sciences-National Research Council and the National Science Foundation.
QE501 .R939                              1962
    Runcorn, S. K.
    Continental drift.
QE508 .E34                               1968
    Eicher, Don L.
    Geologic time [by] Don L. Eicher.
QE511 .H673                              1968
    The History of the earth's crust : a symposium / edited by Robert A.
QE515 .S989                              1968
    Symposium on the Origin and Distribution of the Elements (1st : 1967 :
    Paris) Origin and distribution of the elements / editor: L.H. Ahrens ;
    co-editors: A.G.W. Cameron ... [et al.].  1st ed.
QE570 .O49                               1969
    Ollier, Cliff.
    Weathering. Edited by K. M. Clayton.
QH75 .C755                               1983
    Conservation in perspective / edited by A. Warren and F.B. Goldsmith.
QH75 .E19                                1986
    Ecological knowledge and environmental problem solving : concepts and case
    studies / Committee on the Applications of Ecological Theory to
    Environmental Problems, Commission on Life Sciences, National Research
QH76 .N897 1994                          1994
    Noss, Reed F.
    Saving nature's legacy : protecting and restoring biodiversity / Reed F.
    Noss and Allen Y. Cooperrider ; foreword by Rudger Schlickeisen.
QH91 .C748                               1966
    Conference on Marine Biology (3rd : 1964 : Princeton, N.J.)
    Marine biology III : proceedings of the third international
    interdisciplinary conference / edited by W. T. Edmondson.
QH91.8 .P7 B615                          1977
    Biological solar energy conversion / edited by Akira Mitsui ... [et al.].
QH96.8.B5 G885 1988                      1988
    Gruber, D. (David), 1947-
    Automated biomonitoring : living sensors as environmental monitors / D.
    Gruber and J. Diamond.
QH159 .S933 1982                         1982
    Studies on Lake Vechten and Tjeukemeer (The Netherlands) : 25th
    anniversary of the Limnological Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy
    of Arts and Sciences / edited by R.D. Gulati and S. Parma.
QH197 .A938 1990                         1990
    Australian ecosystems : 200 years of utilization, degradation and
    reconstruction : proceedings of a symposium held in Geraldton, Western
    Australia, 28 August-2 September, 1988 / edited by D.A. Saunders, A.J.M.
    Hopkins, R.A. How.
QH205 .M132                              1967
    McCrone, Walter C.
    The particle atlas : a photomicrographic reference for the microscopical
    identification of particulate substances / Walter C. McCrone, Ronald G.
    Draftz, John Gustav Delly.
QH207 .B415 1972                         1973
    Beeston, B. E. P.
    Electron diffraction and optical diffraction techniques / B.  E. P.
    Beeston, Robert W. Horne, and Roy Markham. Laboratory ed.
QH207 .T513                              1968
    Thornton, P. R.
    Scanning electron microscopy: applications to materials and device science
    [by] P. R. Thornton.
QH211 .C593                              1961
    Clark, George L. (George Lindenberg), 1892-
    The encyclopedia of microscopy. by George L. Clark.
QH211 .M381                              1966
    Martin, L. C. (Louis Claude)
    The theory of the microscope [by] L.C. Martin.
QH212.E4 .W735 1980                      1980
    Willison, J        H        Martin
    Replica, shadowing and freeze-etching techniques / J. H. Martin Willison,
    Arthur J. Rowe.
QH212.E4 M678 1978                       1978
    Misell, D. L.
    Image analysis, enhancement and interpretation / D.L. Misell.
QH304 .C855 1983                         1983
    CBE Style Manual Committee.
    CBE style manual : a guide for authors, editors, and publishers in the
    biological sciences / prepared by CBE Style Manuel Committee.
    5th ed., rev. and expanded.
QH308 .D579                              1964
    Dillon, Lawrence S.
    The principles of life science, [by] Lawrence S. Dillon in collaboration
    with Elizabeth S. Dillon.
QH310 .A468 1972 V.1                     1972
    Biology data book / compiled and edited by Philip L. Altman and Dorothy S.
    Dittmer. 2nd ed.
QH310 .A468 1972 V.2                     1972
    Biology data book / compiled and edited by Philip L. Altman and Dorothy S.
    Dittmer. 2nd ed.
QH310 .A468 1974 V.3                     1972
    Biology data book / compiled and edited by Philip L. Altman and Dorothy S.
    Dittmer.  2nd ed.
QH311 .C734 1983                         1983
    Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (U.S.)
    Frontiers in science and technology : a selected outlook : a report / by
    the Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy of the National
    Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of
QH311 .H158                              1985
    Haldane, J. B. S. (John Burdon Sanderson), 1892-1964.
    On being the right size and other essays / J.B.S. Haldane ; edited by John
    Maynard Smith.
QH324 .S854                              1966
    Stibitz, George R. (George Robert), 1904-
    Mathematics in medicine and the life sciences / [by] George R. Stibitz.
QH325 .O61                               1968
    Oparin, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1894-
    Genesis and evolutionary development of life [by] A. I. Oparin. Translated
    from the Russian by Eleanor Maass.
QH344 .A532 1989                         1989
    Analysis of biogeochemical cycling processes in Walker Branch Watershed /
    Dale W. Johnson, Robert I. Van Hook, editors.
QH352 .G394 1989                         1989
    Getz, Wayne Marcus.
    Population harvesting : demographic models of fish, forest, and animal
    resources / Wayne M. Getz and Robert G. Haight.
QH505 .R795                              1967
    Rose, Anthony H.
    Thermobiology / edited by Anthony H. Rose.
QH521 .A468                              1968
    Altman, Philip L.
    Metabolism. Compiled and edited by Philip L. Altman and Dorothy S.
QH530.5 .M689                            1982
    Modeling the fate of chemicals in the aquatic environment / edited by
    Kenneth L. Dickson, Alan W. Maki, John Cairns, Jr.
QH541.15 .E79                            1973
    Estes, John E.
    Remote sensing: techniques for environmental analysis. Edited by John E.
    Estes and Leslie W. Senger.
QH541.15 .R389                           1969
    Remote sensing in ecology / edited by Philip L. Johnson.
QH541.15.R45 E19 1992 V.1                1992
    Ecosystem rehabilitation : preamble to sustainable development / edited by
    Mohan K. Wali.
QH541.15.R45 E19 1992 V.2                1992
    Ecosystem rehabilitation : preamble to sustainable development / edited by
    Mohan K. Wali.
QH541.15.R57 E19 1993                    1993
    Ecological risk assessment / editor and principal author, Glenn W. Suter
    II ; contributing authors, Lawrence W. Barnthouse ... [et al.].
QH541.15 .S989W 1973                     1973
    Remote sensing and water resources management / Edited by Keith P. B.
    Thomson, Robert K. Lane, Sandor C. Csallany.
QH541.5.L35 Q1 1991                      1991
    Quantitative methods in landscape ecology : the analysis and
    interpretation of landscape heterogeneity / Monica G. Turner, Robert H.
    Gardner, editors.
QH541.5 .L854 1981                       1981
    Analysis of marine ecosystems / [edited by] A.R. Longhurst.
QH541.5.M3 S183 1990                     1990
    Salvesen, David.
    Wetlands : mitigating and regulating development impacts / David Salvesen.
QH541.5.S35 O27 V.1                      1974
    Coastal ecological systems of the United States / edited by H. T. Odum, B.
    J. Copeland, E. A. McMahan.
QH541.5.S35 O27 V.2                      1974
    Coastal ecological systems of the United States / edited by H. T. Odum, B.
    J. Copeland, E. A. McMahan.
QH541.5.S35 O27 V.3                      1974
    Coastal ecological systems of the United States / edited by H. T. Odum, B.
    J. Copeland, E. A. McMahan.
QH541.5.S35 O27 V.4                      1974
    Coastal ecological systems of the United States / edited by H. T. Odum, B.
    J. Copeland, E. A. McMahan.
QH541.5.W3 A656 1978                     1980
    Symposium on Aquatic Toxicology (3rd : 1978 : New Orleans, La.)
    Aquatic toxicology : proceedings of the Third Annual Symposium on Aquatic
    Toxicology : a symposium / sponsored by ASTM Committee E-35 on Pesticides,
    American Society for Testing and Materials, New Orleans, La., 17-18 Oct.
    1978 ; J.G. Eaton, P.R. Parrish, and A.C. Hendricks, editors.
QH541.5.W3 A656 1979                     1981
    Symposium on Aquatic Toxicology (4th : 1979 : Chicago, Ill.)
    Aquatic toxicology and hazard assessment : proceedings of the fourth
    annual Symposium on Aquatic Toxicology : a symposium / sponsored by ASTM
    Committee E-35 on Pesticides, American Society for Testing and Materials,
    Chicago, Ill., 16-17 Oct. 1979 ; D.R. Branson and K.L. Dickson, editors.
QH541.5.W3 A656 1980                     1982
    Symposium on Aquatic Toxicology (5th : 1980 : Philadelphia, Pa.)
    Aquatic toxicology and hazard assessment : proceedings of the fifth annual
    Symposium on Aquatic Toxicology : a symposium / sponsored by ASTM
    Committee E-35 on Pesticides, Philadelphia, Pa., 7-8 Oct. 1980 ; J.G.
    Pearson, R.B. Foster, and W.E. Bishop, editors.
QH541.5.W3 A656                          1979
    Symposium on Aquatic Toxicology (2nd : 1977 : Cleveland, Ohio)
    Aquatic toxicology : proceedings of the Second Annual Symposium on Aquatic
    Toxicology : a symposium / sponsored by ASTM Committee E-35 on Pesticides,
    American Society for Testing and Materials, Cleveland, Ohio, 31 Oct.-1
    Nov. 1977 ; L. L. Marking and R. A. Kimerle, editors.
QH541.5.W3 M649                          1976
    Rochester International Conference on Environmental Toxicity (8th : 1975)
    Environmental toxicity of aquatic radionuclides : models and mechanisms /
    edited by Morton W. Miller and J. Newell Stannard.
QH543.5 .I61                             1967
    International Symposium on Radioecological Concentration Processes,
    Stockholm, 1966.
    Radioecological concentration processes; proceedings. Edited by Bertil
    Aberg and Frank P. Hungate [1st ed.]
QH545.A1 .Z21 1991                       1991
    Zakrzewski, Sigmund F., 1919-
    Principles of environmental toxicology / Sigmund F. Zakrzewski.
QH545.P4 .E26                            1970
    Edwards, C. A. (Clive Arthur), 1925-
    CRC persistent pesticides in the environment / Clive A. Edwards.
QH545.W3 A656 1985                       1985
    Aquatic toxicology and hazard assessment, seventh symposium : a symposium
    / sponsored by ASTM Committee E-47 on Biological Effects and Environmental
    Fate, Milwaukee, Wisc., 17-19 April, 1983 ; Rick D. Cardwell, Rich Purdy,
    and Rita Comotto Bahner, editors.
QH545.W3 B615                            1981
    Symposium on Pollution and Physiology of Marine Organisms (1979 : Milford,
    Biological monitoring of marine pollutants : proceedings of a Symposium on
    Pollution and Physiology of Marine Organism[s], held in Milford,
    Connecticut, November 7-9, 1980 [i.e. 1979] / edited by F. John Vernberg
    ... [et al.] ; sponsored by National Oceanic and Atmospheric
QH546 .I59 1985                          1985
    Instrumentation for environmental physiology / edited by B. Marshall, F.I.
    Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1985.
QH601 .S796                              1984
    Starzak, Michael E.
    The physical chemistry of membranes / Michael E. Starzak.
QH613 .B213                              1975
    Bancroft, John D.
    Histochemical techniques / J. D. Bancroft ; introductory chapter by A.
    Stevens ; with a foreword by A. G. E. Pearse. 2d ed.
QH652 .S556                              1964
    Shilling, Charles Wesley, 1901-
    Atomic energy encyclopedia in the life sciences / Editor and major
    contributor: Charles Wesley Shilling, with the assistance of Miriam Teed
    Shilling. Prepared under the auspices of the Division of Technical
    Information, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
QH656 .B262                              1964
    Barnothy, Madeleine F., 1904-
    Biological effects of magnetic fields. Edited by Madeleine F. Barnothy.
QK125 .G583                              1979
    Godfrey, Robert K.
    Aquatic and wetland plants of southeastern United States : monocotyledons
QK125 .G583                              1979
    Godfrey, Robert K.
    Aquatic and wetland plants of southeastern United States : monocotyledons
    / Robert K. Godfrey, Jean W. Wooten.
QK178 .R127                              1968
    Radford, Albert E.
    Manual of the vascular flora of the Carolinas [by] Albert E. Radford,
    Harry E. Ahles [and] C. Ritchie Bell.
QK566 .S997 1986                         1986
    Sze, Philip, 1945-
    A biology of the algae / Philip Sze.
QK569.E9 B615 V.IV                       1968
    The Biology of Euglena / edited by Dennis E. Buetow.
QK617.5 .Y3 1989                         1989
    Metabolism and physiology of yeasts / edited by Anthony H. Rose, J. Stuart
    Harrison. 2nd ed.
QK673 .B515 1976                         1976
    Berlyn, Graeme P., 1933-
    Botanical microtechnique and cytochemistry / Graeme P. Berlyn, Jerome P.
    Miksche. 1st ed.
QK725 .A394 1989                         1989
    Algae as experimental systems / editors, Annette W. Coleman, Lynda J.
    Goff, Janet R. Stein-Taylor.
QK725 .M718                              1977
    The Molecular biology of plant cells / edited by H. Smith.
QK725 .P713 1990                         1989
    The Plant plasma membrane : structure, function, and molecular biology /
    C. Larsson, I.M. Moller (eds.).
QK731 .P713 1987 V.1                     1987
    Plant growth modeling for resource management / editors, Karin Wisiol,
    John D. Hesketh.
QK731 .P713 1987 V.2                     1987
    Plant growth modeling for resource management / editors, Karin Wisiol,
    John D. Hesketh.
QK740 .B798 1988                         1988
    Bradbeer, J. W.
    Seed dormancy and germination / J.W. Bradbeer.
QK745 .I61                               1977
    International Conference on Plant Growth Substances, University of
    Lausanne, 1976. 9th,
    Plant growth regulation : proceedings of the 9th International Conference
    on Plant Growth Substances, Lausanne, August 20-September 4, 1976 edited
    by P. E. Pilet.
QK753.H4 H442 1989                       1989
    Heavy metal tolerance in plants : evolutionary aspects / editor, A.
    Jonathan Shaw.
QK754 .J77M                              1983
    Jones, Hamlyn G.
    Plants and microclimate : a quantitative approach to environmental plant
    physiology / Hamlyn G. Jones.
QK754 .L666 1972                         1972
    Levitt, Jacob, 1911-
    Responses of plants to environmental stresses [by] J. Levitt.
QK754 .T797                              1970
    Treshow, Michael.
    Environment & plant response.
QK861 .B615 V.12                         1987
    Physiology of metabolism / David D. Davies, editor.
QK861 .B615 V.15                         1989
    Molecular biology / Abraham Marcus, editor.
QK861 .P578 1988                         1988
    Phytochemicals in plant cell cultures / edited by Friedrich Constabel,
    Indra K. Vasil.
QK870 .W314 V.6                          1968
    Kozlowski, Theodore Thomas.
    Water deficits and plant growth. Edited by T. T. Kozlowski.
QK871 .R783 1982                         1984
    Roots, nutrient and water influx, and plant growth : proceedings of a
    symposium / sponsored by Divisions S-4, S-2, and C-2 of the Soil Science
    Society of America, Crop Science Society of America, and the American
    Society of Agronomy in Anaheim, CA, 28 Nov.-3 Dec. 1982.
QK898.I8 I85 1989                        1989
    Isozymes in plant biology / edited by Douglas E. Soltis and Pamela S.
    Soltis ; introduction by G.L. Stebbins.
QK898.N57 M718 1989                      1989
    Molecular and genetic aspects of nitrate assimilation / edited by John L.
    Wray and James R. Kinghorn.
QK898.N6 P713 1989                       1989
    Phytochemical Society of North America. Meeting (28th : 1988 : University
    of Iowa)
    Plant nitrogen metabolism / edited by Jonathan E. Poulton, John T. Romeo,
    and Eric E. Conn.
QK905 .M484 1990                         1990
    Measurement techniques in plant science / edited by Yasushi Hashimoto ...
    [et al.].
QK909.5 .M332 1983                       1986
    Maria Moors Cabot Symposium (6th : 1983 : Harvard Forest)
    On the economy of plant form and function : proceedings of the Sixth Maria
    Moors Cabot Symposium, Evolutionary Constraints on Primary Productivity,
    Adaptive Patterns of Energy Capture in Plants, Harvard Forest, August 1983
    / edited by Thomas J. Givnish.
QK910 .E19 1989                          1989
    Ecology of soil seed banks / edited by Mary Allessio Leck, V. Thomas
    Parker, Robert L. Simpson.
QK938.F6 F716                            1981
    Forest succession : concepts and application / edited by Darrell C. West,
    Herman H. Shugart, Daniel B. Botkin.
QL364 .H796 1989                         1989
    Hopkin, Stephen P.
    Ecophysiology of metals in terrestrial invertebrates / by Stephen P.
QL618.3 .W362 1987                       1986
    Weatherley, A. H.
    The biology of fish growth / A.H. Weatherley and H.S. Gill ; chapter 7 by
    J.M. Casselman.
QL698.3 .E13                             1967
    Eastwood, Eric, Sir, 1910-
    Radar ornithology.
    London, Methuen, 1967.
TA355 .V626 BK. I                        1995
    Machinery vibration analysis course : Courses I-III / Ronald L. Eshleman,
    et al.
TP151 .W951 1992                         1992
    Wright, Larry E.
    Chemical engineering quick reference cards / Larry
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