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HD31 .B857 1994                          1994
    Brimson, James A., 1947-
    Activity-based management : for service industries, government entities,
    and nonprofit organizations / James A. Brimson, John Antos.
HD31 .W753 1999                          1999
    Wilson, Thomas B.
    Rewards that drive high performance : success stories from leading
    organizations / Thomas B. Wilson.
HD38.5 .C881 1996                        1996
    Coyle, John Joseph, 1935-
    The management of business logistics / John J. Coyle, Edward J. Bardi, C.
    John Langley, Jr. 6th ed.
HD53 .H236 1988                          1988
    Handbook for creative and innovative managers / Robert Lawrence Kuhn,
    editor in chief.
HD56 .S617                               1985
    Sink, D. Scott.
    Productivity management : planning, measurement and evaluation, control,
    and improvement / D. Scott Sink.
HD56.25 .B858 1990                       1990
    Brinkerhoff, Robert O.
    Productivity measurement : A guide for managers and evaluators. / Robert O
    Brinkerhoff, Dennis E. Dressler.
HD57 .W657M 1990                         1990
    Wallace, Thomas F.
    MRP II : making it happen : the implementers' guide to success with
    manufacturing resource planning / Thomas F. Wallace ; foreword by Walter
    E. Goddard. Second edition.
HD58.8 .B954 1999                        1999
    Burger, Kenneth A.
    The Manager's survival guide to organizational change / by Kenneth A.
    Burger and Alvin E. Ray.
HD58.8 .H224 1993                        1993
    Hammer, Michael, 1948-
    Reengineering the corporation : a manifesto for business revolution /
    Michael Hammer & James Champy. 1st ed.
HD58.8 .H224 1995                        1995
    Hammer, Michael, 1948-
    The reengineering revolution : a handbook / Michael Hammer with Steven
    Stanton. 1st ed.
HD58.8 .H224A 2001                       2001
    Hammer, Michael, 1948-
    The agenda : what every business must do to dominate the decade / Michael
    Hammer. 1st ed.
HD58.8 .H432 1997                        1997
    Head, Christopher W.
    Beyond corporate transformation : a whole systems approach to creating and
    sustaining high performance / Christopher W. Head.
HD58.8 .P483M 1992                       1992
    Peters, Thomas J.
    Liberation management : necessary disorganization for the nanosecond
    nineties / Tom Peters. 1st ed.
HD58.8 .P75 P961M 1996                   1996
    Pritchett, Price.
    Mindshift : the employee handbook for understanding the changing world of
    work / Price Pritchett. Mind shift
    Employee handbook for understanding the changing world of work
HD58.8 .P961F 1996                       1996
    Pritchett, Price.
    Firing up commitment during organizational change : a handbook for
    managers / Price Pritchett. Handbook for managers 2nd ed.
HD58.82 .K76 1999                        1999
    Kock, Ned F., 1964-
    Process improvement and organizational learning : the role of
    collaboration technologies / Ned Kock.
HD58.87 .C325 1999                       1999
    Carter, Tony, 1955-
    The aftermath of reengineering : downsizing and corporate performance /
    Tony Carter..
HD58.87 .H224 1997                       1997
    Hammer, Michael, 1948-
    Beyond reengineering : how the process-centered organization is changing
    our work and our lives / Michael Hammer.
    How the process-centered organization is changing our work and our lives
    1st paperback ed.
HD58.9 .B457C 1994                       1994
    American Productivity and Quality Center.
    Basics of benchmarking : Participant guide. / A course presented by the
    American Productivity & Quality Center.  Houston, TX (123 North Post Oak Lane, 713/681-
    4020) : Education and Training Division, The Center, 1994
HD60.5 .U5 M484 1996                     1996
    Measuring the value of corporate citizenship.
    Washington, DC : Council on Foundations, c1996.
HD62.15 .G562 1998                       1998
    Global cases in benchmarking : best practices from organizations around
    the world / Robert C. Camp, editor.
HD62.15 .S465 1993                       1993
    FQI-400 R
    Self-assessment guide for organizational performance and customer
    satisfaction : based on the Presidential Award for Quality criteria.
    [Washington, DC] : Federal Quality Institute : [For sale by the U.S.
    G.P.O., Supt. of Doc., 1993]
HD62.15 .U85 1994                        1994
    Using ISO 9000 to improve business processes / developed by the Quality
    Business Center; edited and produced by the Technical Publications Center,
    AT&T Bell Laboratories.
HD62.4 .B289 1991                        1989
    Bartlett, Christopher A., 1943-
    Managing across borders : the transnational solution / Christopher A.
    Bartlett and Sumantra Ghoshal.
    Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, c1989, 1991.
HD66 .L563 2002                          2002
    Lencioni, Patrick, 1965-
    The five dysfunctions of a team : a leadership fable / Patrick Lencioni.
    1st ed.
HD69.D4 U42                              1976
    Ullmann, John E.
    Schaum's outline of theory and problems of quantitative methods in
    management / by John E. Ullmann.
HD69.P7 B167                             1964
    Baker, Bruce N.
    An introduction to PERT-CPM, by Baker and Eris.
    Homewood, Ill. R. D. Irwin, 1964.
HD69 .S8 L674 1999                       1999
    Lewis, Jordan D.
    Trusted partners : how companies build mutual trust and win together /
    Jordan D. Lewis.
HD2336.3 .V819 1998                      1998
    The virtual workplace / [edited by] Magid Igbaria, Margaret Tan.
HD5106 .B725 1989                        1989
    Booth, Weldon L.
    Manager's guide to alternative work schedules / by Weldon L. Booth.
    2nd ed.
HD5106 .H841                             1985
    Hours of work : temporal factors in work scheduling / edited by Simon
    Folkard and Timothy H. Monk.
HD7262 .H669 1984                        1984
    Hirsh, Thomas.
    Employee back injury cost reduction study : based on a survey of 514
    employers / Thomas Hirsh.
HD7395.C5 P438 1986                      1986
    Performance of protective clothing : a symposium sponsored by ASTM
    Committee F-23 on Protective Clothing, Raleigh, NC, 16-20 July 1984 /
    Roger L. Barker and Gerard C. Coletta, editors.
    Philadelphia, PA : ASTM, c1986.
HF5386 .P961 1994                        1994
    Pritchett, Price.
    The employee handbook of new work habits for a radically changing world :
    13 ground rules for job success in the information age.
    New work habits for a radically changing world
    13 ground rules for job success in the information age
    Thirteen ground rules for job success in the information age
HF5386 .P961W 1999                       1999
    Pritchett, Price.
    The employee handbook of new work habits for the next millennium : 10 new
    ground rules for job success.
    New work habits for the next millennium
HF5386 .W994 1992                        1992
    Wyse, Lois.
    Company manners : how to behave in the workplace in the '90s / Lois Wyse.
    1st ed.
HF5415.127 .P424F 1999                   1999
    Peppers, Don.
    The one to one fieldbook : the complete toolkit for implementing a 1 to 1
    marketing program / Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, and Bob Dorf.
    1 to 1 fieldbook 1st ed.
HM133 .B799 1976                         1976
    Bradford, Leland Powers, 1905-
    Making meetings work : a guide for leaders and group members / Leland P.
LB1060 .M123 1980                        1980
    McCarthy, Bernice.
    The 4MAT system : teaching to learning styles with right/left mode
    techniques / by Bernice McCarthy.
    [Arlington Heights, Ill.] (1800 E. Northwest Highway, Arlington Heights
    60005) : EXCEL, [c1980]
QA76.6 .M612 1988                        1988
    Meyer, Bertrand, 1950-
    Object-oriented software construction / Bertrand Meyer.
    Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c1988.
QA76.73.J38 A756 1996                    1996
    Arnold, Ken, 1958-
    The Java programming language / Ken Arnold, James Gosling.
QA76.9 .D3 L956 1996                     1996
    Lulushi, Albert.
    Developing Oracle Forms applications / Albert Lulushi.
QA371 .K92                               1968
    Kreider, Donald L.
    Elementary differential equations / Donald L. Kreider, Robert G. Kuller,
    Donald R. Ostberg.
QD51 .N277P                              1981
    Prudent practices for handling hazardous chemicals in laboratories /
    Committee on Hazardous Substances in the Laboratory, Assembly of
    Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Research Council.
QD51 .N277P                              1981
    Prudent practices for handling hazardous chemicals in laboratories /
    Committee on Hazardous Substances in the Laboratory, Assembly of
    Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Research Council.
TA355 .V626 BK. I                        1995
    Machinery vibration analysis course : Courses I-III / Ronald L. Eshleman,
    et al.
TA645 .T925                              1969
    Tuma, Jan J.
    Schaum's outline of theory and problems of structural analysis, with an
    introduction to transport, flexibility and stiffness matrices, and their
    applications, by Jan J. Tuma.
TD193 .G946 1992                         1992
    Guide to environmental analytical methods / edited by Robert E. Wagner.
    Schenectady, NY : GEnium Publishing Corporation, c1992.
TD223 .G882 1992                         1992
    Ground water handbook / U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of
    Research and Development, Center for Environmental Research Information.
    2nd ed.
TD380 .W314 1988                         1988
    Water analysis : a practical guide to physico-chemical, chemical, and
    microbiological water examination and quality assurance / W. Fresenius,
    K.E. Quentin, W. Schneider, eds. ; compiled by W. Schneider ; with
    contributions by F.J. Bibo ... [et al.] ; [translated by A. Gledhill,
    Richard Holland ; revised by T.J. Oliver].
TD403 .W241 1991                         1991
    Walton, William Clarence.
    Principles of groundwater engineering / William C. Walton.
TD426 .G882                              1985
    Ground water quality / edited by C.H. Ward, W. Giger. P.L. McCarty.
TD426 .N994 1992                         1992
    Nyer, Evan K.
    Groundwater treatment technology / Evan K. Nyer. 2nd ed.
TD890 .T755 1982                         1982
    Toxic materials in the atmosphere : sampling and analysis : a symposium /
    sponsored by ASTM Committee D-22 on Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheres,
    Boulder, Colo., 2-5 Aug. 1981 ; B.F. Himmelsbach, Symposium chairman.
TD1030 .W894 1993                        1993
    Woodside, Gayle, 1951-
    Hazardous materials and hazardous waste management : a technical guide /
    Gayle Woodside.
TE145 .U61                               1978
    Untermann, Richard K.
    Principles and practices of grading, drainage, and road alignment : an
    ecologic approach / Richard K. Untermann.
TH1092 .S989                             1965
    Symposium on Fire Tests--Moisture Influence on Material Behavior (1964 :
    Chicago) Moisture in materials in relation to fire tests.
TK146 .B792                              1977
    Boylestad, Robert L.
    Electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics : principles and
    applications / Robert Boylestad, Louis Nashelsky.
TK168 .F832                              1964
    Franklin, Julius I.
    Electrical engineering / [by] Julius I. Franklin.
TK4500 .H886                             1969
    Hudson, Richard D., 1924-
    Infrared system engineering [by] Richard D. Hudson, Jr.
    New York, Wiley-Interscience [1969]
TK5105.8885 .D74 T739 2001               2001
    Towers, J. Tarin.
    Dreamweaver 4 for Windows and Macintosh / J. Tarin Towers.
    Dreamweaver 4 Dreamweaver four for Windows and Macintosh
    Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 for Windows & Macintosh
TK7870.27 .T229 1991                     1991
    Tautscher, Carl J.
    Contamination effects on electronic products : a basic discussion of
    common contaminants, their origin, effects, removal, and control, and
    product protection against contaminants from the use environment / Carl J.
    Tautscher. 1st ed.
TP754 .K67 1998                          1998
    Knarr, Orvis M.
    Industrial gaseous leak detection manual / Orvis M. Knarr.
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