Dear MODS community,

The MODS editorial committee has recently approved three new changes for MODS 3.4. These are:

# Add authorityURI and valueURI attributes to elements that have @authority (approved 2009-10-14)

In addition to the @authority attribute, MODS 3.4 will have two new attributes on elements potentially under authority control. @authorityURI will be a URI identifying formally a specific vocabulary from which the chosen term is taken. @valueURI will be a URI identifying formally the chosen term in a controlled vocabulary. This change will allow us to support RDAs instructions for recording URIs for this purpose.

# Add authorityURI and valueURI attributes to subject subelements (approved 2009-10-14)

Not all subelements of <subject> have in the past had the @authority attribute. All subject subelements will now have the new @authorityURI and @valueURI attributes.

# Link translations and transliterations through a shared attribute (approved 2009-10-27)

Each MODS top-level element will now have a new attribute, @altRepGroup. This attribute will be used to link two or more top-level elements that have the same content but in different languages or transliterations, by placing the same string inside this attribute on the relevant elements.

We keep promising we're getting close with 3.4, but we still have a little ways to go - we thank you for your patience. Still on our discussion agenda is better handling of theses, allowing extension within each top-level element, expanding the appearance of the usage attribute, support for main entry, and a GEM vocabulary for targetAudience. Stay tuned!

Jenn Riley
Chair, MODS Editorial Committee

Jenn Riley
Metadata Librarian
Digital Library Program
Indiana University - Bloomington
Wells Library W501
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