DATE    : 10/20/09
TO      : Network Libraries
FROM    : Carolyn H. Sung
Subject : Library identification for digital books

Digital books without mailing cards are being returned to NLS in 
Washington, D.C. There is no way for NLS to identify the intended 
recipient of the book. To help eliminate this problem, NLS is making the 
following recommendations:

- Use a heavy card stock for the mailing card
   (one that is at least the same weight as the bookcards that come with
   new digital book).

- Consider adding a 1/2" by 1" label with your library's
   name and address at the top of the card slot on either the left or right
   side as long as it does not interfere with the braille label.

For more information contact:
      Carolyn Hoover Sung
      Chief, Network Division
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