NLS  Operations Alert

No. 09-52

DATE  : October 2, 2009

TO    : Network Libraries
FROM  : Robert Axtell, Head, Bibliographic Control Section

Subject :      MARC records for RC/DB 69086

Brief MARC records for the title _Renegade: The Making of a President (RC/DB 69086)_
were inadvertently excluded from the July 2009 download batch. The records are now
available for download in a separate file. 

To download the file, go to the Network Library Services web page and select "Download
Previous Bibliographic Records" from the menu options. Select the file renegade.tex. Full
MARC records for this title were distributed with the completed MARC records set of
September 2009.  

Please note that all full MARC records can be downloaded individually from Voyager using
the record options function at the bottom of the record display.

For more information contact:

Robert Axtell
Head, Bibliographic Control Section
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