We are currently implementing our first CQL-enabled Query webservice.
We cannot figure out how to do phrase queries or wildcard queries.

For example, we would like perform a search where the two words "Albert 
Einstein" appear next to each other.

In Google, I would just enter
"Albert Einstein"

In CQL 1.1, I might come up with (Example 1)
myField any "Albert Einstein"
however, my Code will not even see any double quotes after parsing this 
query, because it they are part of the cql syntax which is stripped away.

so I might be temped to try something like (Example 2)
myField any "\"Albert Eistein\""
but this is getting ugly, isn't it?

I could also 'invent' my own modifiers or operators, e.g. (Example 3)
myField all/phrase "Albert Einstein"
... but wasn't the goal of CQL to create something like a standard?

The same questions come up with wildcards:

Should I search for (Example 4)
myField any "alumin*um"

or rather (Example 5)
myField any "alumin%um"

How have others solved these problems? Am I missing something or is 
everbody implementing his own CQL dialect?

Kind Regards
Matthias Hess