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>  H Shai,
>  This is the first response I'm posting to the ARSC list.
>  In 1956  a friend of mine gave me an LP titled, " A Siena Pianoforte." It
> was a marvelous recording, I forgot the label but still have the record
> somewhere. The album cover was white with a picture of the upright  piano I
> think you're talking about, but I may be wrong.
>   Ken Fritz
> I went to Amazon looking for music played on the Siena Pianoforte, and
found a cd, entitled "The Siena Pianoforte", that was issued in 1995 on the
Boston Skyline label, using music from a 1955-1956 LP, according to the
producer digitized as follows:

"Bands 1-9 are from Counterpoint/Esoteric CPT 3000, originally issued 1955
Bands 10-12 are from CPT 3004, issued 1956 The original Stereo masters for
both albums are not extant. We have used the best available safety copies
for this reissue."

The pianists are Charles Rosen and Kathryn DeGuire, (neither of whom I am
familiar with) and the music is Scarlatti and Mozart.  Interestingly, the CD
is available for $85.82 new, or $13.90 used.  Guess which one I bought?

Frank B Strauss, DMD