On 30/11/2009, Ken Fritz wrote:
>   H Shai,
>   This is the first response I'm posting to the ARSC list.
>   In 1956 a friend of mine gave me an LP titled, " A Siena
> Pianoforte." It was a marvelous recording, I forgot the label but
> still have the record somewhere. The album cover was white with a
> picture of the upright piano I think you're talking about, but I may
> be wrong.
>   The friend who gave it to me was Randy Kling who now owns Disc  
> Mastering outside of Nashville.  I've forgotten the name of the  
> famous piece the recording did justice to. I'm one of those guys who  
> can hum along with classical music  but cannot  connect the title.
The CD I have, on the Boston Skyline label, is probably the same content
as your LP. Sonatas by Mozart (K 333) and Scarlatti, played by Charles
Rosen. Rosen was in his day an outstanding pianist.

The Siena pianoforte does have a remarkable sound, judging from this CD.

>   If you ever offer an archive of the music I would be a customer.   
> Unfortunately, at 67  years of age, I'm running my business and home  
> on the assets I've worked to accumulate for my old age, if I live  
> that long. <_>.
I would definitely pay for a CD of more recordings on this instrument.

And it would be interesting to know where it is now. Somewhere in
Israel, I think.

Don Cox
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