On 30/11/2009, Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi Shai:
> No idea if there's a market, but one of the great things about
> digital-only distribution (ie no manufactured CD's, download only) is
> that you don't need to sell many units to recoup costs. If it were me,
> I'd contact a place like HDTracks (part of the Chesky mini-empire) and
> see what it takes to sell thru them. Or if you want to go the MP3
> route, of course contact AMazon and Apple.
I wouldn't pay for MP3s, especially not of a piano where the exact tone
of the instrument is the key point.

Proper pressed CDs or nothing. It is not expensive to get a small batch
of CDs made nowadays. 

> I have no idea how rights clearance would work, I assume you'd need it
> from the family. And if any music is in copyright you'd have to get
> that clearance and pay fees. With stuff like these tapes, you almost
> need to do the equiv of title insurance on an old home -- make sure
> it's legit all the way back so someone doesn't pop up out of a mole
> hole with an old piece of paper and sue you.
> One man's opinions, one man who has never taken on indy release of old
> tapes ...
Provided the music is out of copyright (which Mozart and Scarlatti
certainly are, even in the USA), there are unlikely to be any problems
at all. 

I think the big problem is getting the tapes digitised to 24/96 with the
azimuth correctly set.

Don Cox
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