At 02:08 AM 2009-11-04, Shai Drori wrote:
>The solution is very simple. The capstan of the Tonschreiber did not 
>run off the incoming AC but had an oscillator and amplifier as a 
>servo. It could run at any speed from I think 9 to 130 cm/sec.

Hello, Shai,

That is true, but I don't think Jack Mullin's machines were the 
Tonschreiber model and were lacking the oscillator and amplifier, but 
also, I do not believe them to be true Hysteresis-Synchronous motors, either.

The point here is that if Tonschreibers were used (or the circuitry 
associated with them was put into a studio recorder) then George's 
discussion of mains frequency would need another footnote.



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