From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


in Denmark record shops only display empty CD covers in their racks, and you 
go to the counter, pay, to have the CD inserted. It is many shop-owners' 
experience that the empty CD covers are stolen anyway.

In Denmark you can borrow from a huge selection of CDs in our public 
libraries. Max 3 CDs at a time and perhaps for a fortnight only, dependent on 
which community is responsible. If you do not return it you do not merely 
have to pay the price of a new CD, but you also have to pay the agreed rights 
fee for lending that the library system pays into a collective rights' 
owners' account. That is very expensive. 

So you copy the CD to a CD-R, but you are not satisfied with a colour photo 
copy of the original artwork. This is where visiting the racks of a record 
shop becomes relevant.

Thomas' LP covers would do just fine for lacquer dubbings of T-1001.

Kind regards,



Thomas Stern wrote:

>   I have unearthed a carton of about 50 COVERS, NO RECORD, of the LP
> reissue
>   These are gatefold jackets with tip-in page (4 pages of notes,
> photos-inside)
>   Cover is photo of Howard DaSilva from 1938 production, back cover has
> Hirschfeld caricature of
> Marc Blitzstein.
>   These are the JACKETS ONLY.
>   They will go to the dump, unless someone wants them.
> Best wishes, Thomas.