Hi Shai:

More free 2 cents ...

If you want to be in the reissue business of records of an about the Sienna Pianoforte, then you 
gotta be the expert on the Sienna Pianoforte (or hire an A&R guy who is or is willing to become the 
expert). Your expertise on the instrument and the man who made the tapes is your key point of 
difference and will be your guide to what repetoire you release, how you market, what media you 
choose to release via, etc.

Using your studio to transfer these tapes is below Step One to successfully producing and marketing 
music albums from them. Making a great-sounding master is just sort of expected, part of the 
background process.

The drama of this man's story will aid the drama of the recordings, and will be the excitement in 
your marketing approach.

All that said, whether anyone will be interested enough to give you any money to hear him playing 
the thing is a whole different matter.

-- Tom Fine

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> Again,  this is only from unofficial sources so I have no idea if it's true or not, but Carmi made 
> four renovations to the piano trying to make it sound better. On the forht attempt he made some 
> mistake, and made the piano sound horrible but could not fix it . I have no idea if ti's true or 
> not but it fits in with the rest of the bits of info I got. The mother of one of my army buddies 
> knows the family and told me all she knows from their years together as friends.
> Shai
> Michael Biel wrote:
>> Shai Drori wrote:
>>> Last  I heard the piano is in Japan. The family sold it for 70,000$ I was told. I have no way of 
>>> verifying it.
>> I have been wondering about this for many years, especially since there didn't seem to be any 
>> newer recordings than those made prior to the mid-60s and I had been fascinated about the piano 
>> since I saw that TV show I mentioned.  But this would sound right because then the Yen was really 
>> strong they were buying a lot of high-end audio items and antiquities.  But you would think that 
>> the owner would be promoting it and having concerts and especially recordings since the Japanese 
>> market for recordings like these is still strong.
>> Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]
>>> Don Cox wrote:
>>>> I would definitely pay for a CD of more recordings on this instrument.
>>>> And it would be interesting to know where it is now. Somewhere in
>>>> Israel, I think.