From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


record cancer or wear: I have yet to see internal material breakdown that 
stops abruptly at some radius. On the other hand, if the record had been out 
in the open for a year (and in the sun or with somebody smoking a year's 
supply of big, fat cigars close to) with a 10" record on top, then I would 
expect a difference in surface from the exposed rim and the protected inner 
part. The haze you see would have to cover also the run-in area--we have not 
been told. 

The wear explanation I would believe. If the horrible sound stops instantly, 
and if you can scratch back and forth (with a suitable pickup!!) to go from 
bad to good to bad, then it is certain to be wear. And it would not be a worn 
stylus, but a chipped one, most likely a diamond, rather than sapphire.

All belief and speculation would be avoided if we had proper photographs 
available, and possibly a microscope photograph with correct lighting. 

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> Don-
> You are suggesting that one pass with a very worn stylus produced this 
> kind of greying? That seems kind of hard to fathom considering all
> the other anecdotal evidence that suggests that Mercury and Emarcy seem 
> to exhibit this "record cancer" when almost no other labels do?
> I have seen many records that have been played by a worn stylus and are 
> greying but none that I have ever seen, stop so abruptly as this record 
> does.
> AA
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> > Mike  Gray wrote:
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> >> Played with a *very* worn stylus that's damaged the groove  -
> >> Groove wear is a potential culprit Mike but in this case it can be  
> >> conclusively ruled out. This haze stops dead two thirds of the way  
> >> through track 2 only on the first side. The worn stylus theory is  
> >> simply not an option with a condition like this. I think it is far  
> >> more likely to be some kind of mold, storage and/or pressing  defect.
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> > AA
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> > My experience is that this exactly the cause of the haze.  The former  
> > owner played the record two-thirds of the way through track two--then
> noticed  
> > the wear and lifted the stylus at that point.
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> > Don Chichester
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