Hello Paul and Richard:

Many thanks to both of you. Richard was kind enough to e-mail me off-list also.

Paul, perhaps due to a tax subsidy, the BBC is far superior in its internal resources than any US 
television station or even a network these days. Local stations do well to put on a credible 
newscast each evening, and forget archives or archival services. I doubt there is a working telecine 
chain in any US affiliate station anymore. Richard may correct me on this, I'm just surmizing.

-- Tom Fine

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Hi there Richard,

that's a super resource page you have, both helpful and informative.
I hope Mr Fine gets it sorted.
All the best,


Paul Turney
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At 08:32 AM 2009-11-10, Paul Turney, Sirensound Digital UK wrote:> Tom,>>In the UK I use the BBC for 
this service, the equipment they use for >digitising 8mm to 35 mm is second to none.>Suggest you 
find a broadcaster near you,Hi, Paul,While I am sure that this suggestion applies to the UK and the 
BBC, but here in North America the major broadcast networks and the local stations -- including, for 
the most part the Public Broadcasting Service. Instead, both in the U.S. and Canada, small post 
production houses that specialize in various formats are the best professional choice.There are also 
some consumer-oriented facilities such as and who 
do very good work for prices substantially under those of the professional post-production houses.I 
attempt to keep a list of North American resources for this and pointers to other lists 
here:,RichardRichard L. Hess email: 
[log in to unmask], Ontario, Canada (905) 713 6733 1-877-TAPE-FIXDetailed contact 
information: tape transfers -- even from 
hard-to-play tapes.