First of all, thanks to all for your answers.

So just to clarify, these are all acoustic recordings? Can you folks recommend turnover and rolloff 
settings? Also, what is their speed? Are they pre-78-RPM? Wider stylus than later 78's? Are they 
common so I can play them on my Victrola?


Mike B -- these are definitely made of something that is not shatter-prone like traditional shellac.

-- Tom Fine

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Regarding #2, EDVR just posted domestic VTMC sessions through April,
1922. We're not caught up on Gramophone imports, which is what 74256
is. John Bolig's Victor series is the definitive resource for such
information, and more. Don't leave home without a set there.

John lists 74256 as recorded July 3, 1911 and announced by VTMC in Dec. 1911.


On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 1:42 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I have three 12" Victor records, seem to be acoustic era. They are one-sided
> and seem to be made of a less-fragile material than shellac, some kind of
> plastic?
> 1. Victor Record 74163 Dvorak "Humoresque" - Mischa Elman with piano
> accompaniment by Percy B. Kahn. Deadwax says catalog number
> 2. Victor Record 74256 Pierrot's Serenade (Alberto Randegger, Jr.) - Jan
> Kubelik with piano accompaniment (pianist not named). Deadwax says catalog
> number
> 3. Victor Record 70073 Verdi "Rigoletto" quartet - Bella figlia dell' amore
> (Fairest Daughter of the Graces) Act III - Victor Opera Quartet,
> accompaniment by Victor Orchestra. Deadwax says catalog number. On the back
> (blank) side is a sticker (seems to be paper) with descriptive text and
> lyrics.
> So -- what is the era of these records and what are they made of and why are
> they one-sided?
> Thanks!
> -- Tom Fine