David, I know a couple of years ago WGBH in Boston was looking for a  
similar product that would cover the various iterations, etc (which  
in their case can get really crazy). I would suggest asking someone  

Also, NOA Audio Systems in Europe provide turnkey systems, although  
they may be expensive.

Good luck,


Marcos Sueiro Bal
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On Nov 20, 2009, at 12:33, Dave Kesner wrote:

> You might also check Archivists Toolkit <http:// 
> It was developed here at UCSD; I just went to a training on it this  
> week,
> and while its geared mostly towards catalogers & collection  
> managers, its a
> very comprehensive program for overseeing both physical & digital  
> assets.
> Dave Kesner
> UCSD Arts Library
> On 11/20/09 5:10 AM, "Maurice Mengel" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>  Hi Dave, I've been meaning to check out open repositories like  
>> dspace
>> and fedora commons for ages,but have never gotten around to actually
>> do it. Certainly no turn key solution, but that should provide
>> many features you look for. For content delivery you could also make
>> something in drupal or any other similar php driven cms with a medium
>> amount of tinkering. I just woudn't trust that for long time  
>> archiving
>> as such.
>> Hope that helps a little
>> Best
>> Maurice
>> On Tuesday, November 17, 2009, Dave Nolan Audio
>> <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Greetings -
>>> I'm hoping that folks on the ARSC-List might have some advice on
>>> audio/multimedia content management systems and databases.
>>> Our old Access database where we keep a variety of information  
>>> about our
>>> events at the 92nd Street Y is sorely in need of a redesign,  
>>> overhaul, or
>>> complete replacement to accommodate the evolving nature of our media
>>> management needs.
>>> Ideally I would like to be able to keep track of every iteration  
>>> of every
>>> event in our archive - original physical media (we have 15,000  
>>> recordings
>>> going back to 1949), high-res audio (and video) files (both new  
>>> recordings
>>> and archival transfers), and all assorted derivative files and/or  
>>> physical
>>> media created from the master.
>>> I am curious as to which content management systems people are  
>>> using that
>>> might best serve our needs, and what sort of database solution(s)  
>>> might play
>>> nicely with a content management and delivery system to allow  
>>> various
>>> departments to access media files with varying levels of  
>>> permissions from
>>> "listen/view only" to complete ability to create and deliver  
>>> derivative files
>>> for electronic delivery or physical media when needed.
>>> I'm thinking that there might be a system aimed at the  
>>> broadcasting market
>>> that we can adapt to our needs, but apart from working with DAVID  
>>> and Prophet
>>> systems at WNYC, I don't have a heck of a lot of direct  
>>> experience with or
>>> knowledge of what's out there.
>>> I am particularly interested to find out if anyone is using any  
>>> sort of
>>> turnkey system that might work "out of the box", as there may not  
>>> be the
>>> resources for us to outsource the design of a custom SQL database  
>>> with HTML
>>> front end, as well as hiring a full-time administrator to keep  
>>> the system
>>> running and write new code when needed.
>>> A tall order I'm sure, but i am still hopeful that folks out  
>>> there might have
>>> come across a broadcast content management system that we can  
>>> adapt to our
>>> situation, which has a great deal of overlap with public  
>>> broadcasting in many
>>> ways.
>>> Thanks in advance for any guidance, resources, or advice you can  
>>> offer :-)
>>> dave nolan
>>> Audio Archivist
>>> 92nd Street Y
>>> nyc
>>> Dave Nolan Audio
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