Clearing out some spares, all of which are in working condition.

Please ping off-list if interested. First pay, first get. Postage to USA addresses only.

For sale:

1. Pickering V-15/AT-2 in an old Dual changer headshell, no stylus. $20. Stylus available from Kevin 
at KAB for $13 and change:

2. Audio-Technica AT-100E cartridge with original stylus (blue type) in original box. $25. Needle 
Doctor and others sell replacement stylus.

3. Grado Prestige Blue in original box with known good original stylus (very low wear). $50.

4. Grado F3 with gray/blue dots 78 needle (I think that needle is 3.0 mil). $35.

I'll pay postage to USA addresses.

Again, please ping off-list if interested.

-- Tom Fine