Is this information about the piano somewhat accurate?

Surprisingly, no entry at Whacky Packia.

-- Tom Fine

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> The story is told on one of the reels by the person who found the piano 
> and dedicated his life to it, Avner Carmi. I have copies of the 
> counterpoint recordings and some of the master copies. but also many 
> masters Carmi made himself at studio in NYC. I assume they were top 
> notch studios since they used "Dolby a301 stretched", which I am 
> guessing was not in every studio around.
> Michael Biel wrote:
>> In the late 50s or early 60s there was a TV show about the piano 
>> dramatizing the early history of it, the covering of it with plaster 
>> or cement to protect it during WW II, it being discovered by some 
>> soldiers at liberation, it being used -- still covered -- at a 
>> soldiers' club, and it being re-discovered when a piece of the plaster 
>> was knocked off revealing the ornate carving.  They concluded with a 
>> short concert being played live on the piano.  The program was 
>> probably on the Armstrong Circle Theatre, DuPont Show of the Month, or 
>> a similar docudrama anthology series.  I then started picking up the 
>> records of it as they started hitting the Sam Goody 99 cent bins.
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>> Steven Smolian wrote:
>>> The Counterpoint label recordings are owned by the Everest interests.
>>> Steven Smolian
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>>>> Does anyone have any information about the Siena Pianoforte? A few 
>>>> years ago I received the complete archive of the recordings made on 
>>>> it including all masters and rights. I am now starting a process of 
>>>> sifting through the boxes. according to the lists that  came with 
>>>> the tapes some of the greatest pianists of the day recorded on this 
>>>> piano (Glen Gould for example). I have one book but it's in German 
>>>> so it's of no use to me. Does anyone know where I can find a grant 
>>>> to help pay for the digitization of this archive? Feel free to ping 
>>>> me off list.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Shai